#kubuntu - Tue 27 Mar 2007 between 00:01 and 00:17

evfreshman2025Should i close Konqueror?
Jucatoslestak: dont disable the other repositories. add Riddell's repo so that you can download the new dist-upgrade tool.
neo_what conf file controlls sound
slestakJucato: i dont mean all others, just of the three on the wiki, are only one of the three required or are they additive?
Jucatochoose only one, depending on what you have
Aloneaevfreshman2025: I dunno. something is locking it.
evfreshman2025Thats weird
Whats Kate?
Aloneaevfreshman2025: text editor
a-865where is configuring hardware hiding in the Dapper KDE menus?
Aloneaevfreshman2025: you can try closing it. I use firefox as my internet browser.
neptunepinka-865: system settings?
evfreshman2025i do too
I tried, and it still says locked
a-865neptunepink: I looked and didn't see. Could there be some package that never got installed?
neptunepinka-865: what hardware?
a-865neptunepink: pulled i
neptunepink: pulled ISA sound card, installed PCI sound card
Aloneaok, anyone know what is locking that?
neo_great we are moving on to sound
i have a problem with sound
neptunepinka-865: computer administration > sound system? I have non idea beyond that :b
Aloneaevfreshman2025: bah, screw it. lets go have fun with xorg.conf.
evfreshman2025whats that?
neo_soundblaster 16 will not work
Aloneaevfreshman2025: ok, load up konqueror and goto /etc/X11/ . Click on xorg.conf and kate should load.
evfreshman2025: I want you to copy all thats in it and paste it in a pastebin for me so I can see whats in it.
evfreshman2025go to konqueror, and type in /etc/X11/ . under what?
Aloneaevfreshman2025: what we are going to do is just manually add the screen resolution. Oh, turn on hidden folders. look at your file menu at the top. its under one of those.
hitmanWillyevfreshman2025: the address bar
evfreshman2025"The file or folder file:///etc/X11/ . does not exist."
Aloneaevfreshman2025: there is no period at the end. its just /etc/X11
evfreshman2025alot of different folders!
Aloneaevfreshman2025: I was trying to punctuate my sentence. ok, look in the X11 folder for xorg.conf.
evfreshman2025okay send me the Pastebin link
Fran1Does anyone know if device drivers for brother printer mcf-665cw are avail yet?
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