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jhutchinsIf the DHCP server doesn't know a DNS server that knows the IP's, you would need /etc/hosts.
intelikeymilardovich yes, just that websites normally do multi-lang
SubOnei have to add a host to every computer each time i add a new computer?
RoyB72anyone knows why I get "Error opening/initializing the selected video-out(vo) device" error, and what I can do about it?
intelikeymilardovich so what did you need just a load test ?
SubOnejhutchins: I use comcast internet, how do i setup the DNS, using their DNS servers or my router somehow?
jhutchinsSubOne: That or set up a DNS server that the DHCP server will talk to. Or possibly a DHCP server that will work in conjunction with your DHCP server.
Er. DNS server.
Milardovichintelikey yeah
intelikey, in the "fotolog" block, please click on "slideshow", and tell me if it works ;)
eilker2i tried for it intellikey
intelikeycan't do that atm.
jhutchinsSubOne: They won't tell you the hostnames for your internal computers. You can assume that the IP's won't change and add them to a hosts file on each PC, or set up a DNS server on one of the linux boxes and tell it the hostnames.
eilker2i did sth, but i dont know
jhutchinsSubOne: If you have a lot of IP's and need this to work you may need to talk to comcast.
eilker2no w need to go, take care people
see you
SubOnewell the linksys router doesnt even get the hostnames for some reason
jhutchinsmilardovich: There is a mechanism to select the correct language for each user, but of course you must first have each page in each language.
Skulleri could not get my nvidia drivers that i downloaded form the nvidia site to install
any tips
raw-kneeI have just reinstalled kubuntu feisty beta. how do I retrieve my gpg keys from a keyserver and use it to sign my messages?
jhutchinsSubOne: Right. Nobody gets hostnames unless you tell them.
SubOneso if i setup a DNS server on one of the computers then i set the "Static DNS" on the router to point to that computer and set it to static ip?
jhutchinsSubOne: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/DNS-HOWTO.html
intelikeyjhutchins isn't there also a generic "translator" of some kind ?
SubOnejhutchins: because i know at least two of the computers on the network are wireless and i dont want them to be static ips yet i want them to be able to be accessed by hostname
jhutchinsSubOne: Is comcast assigning the IP's, or is the router assigning them?
SubOnethe router
raw-kneeI want to avoid creating another set of keys as much as possible
intelikeyso you don't have to have 82 copies of each page jhutchins
jhutchinsintelikey: There's babelfish, but if you're running a website you either link to babelfish or provide the translations as seperate pages.
SubOnetechnically comcast doesnt allow multiple pcs connecting to the internet through a router through their home service
jhutchinsSubOne: Then you must learn to do Dynamic DNS.
intelikeyk babelfish is what i was thinking of
jhutchinsSubOne: THen the router should offer a DNS.
SubOnewhy dynamic DNS? i only need them accessible from inside the network
jhutchinsSubOne: Right, 90% of us run a home network with something like this.
SubOne: Here's how you would do it if you had a linux box being the router: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/IP-Masquerade-HOWTO/

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