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ownerxfmedia can play the songs....just amaroK cannot and neither can Kaffeine
intelikeyAlonea_ there are three files. /etc/environment the main system wide path can be in there /etc/profile the system wide shell path should be in there. and ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_bashrc the user specific path should be in there.
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intelikeyone can make and use ~/.profile also...
Alonea_intelikey: also it seems my posts after that never made it here either
intelikeyi know i said three and named five but you only have three of them.
Alonea_intelikey: nm on that.
ok, after I did rockboxdev.sh, this is what it reported. Is this abnormal any? it seems different from the last time i did it. http://pastebin.ca/404493
c0nv1ctintelikey: you forgot ~/.bash_profile :P
Alonea_intelikey: dunno if this will make any sense to you since I dont think you have rockbox, but this is what it said at the end, http://pastebin.ca/404493.
intelikey: those were things I had said...
intelikey: I refigured out the path thing.
MikeC2intelikey: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/11290/ it just locks up while waiting for headers
intelikeyc0nv1ct while a path can be set there it is more app specific than all the others.
c0nv1ctintelikey: its user-specific really
intelikeyyes and only bash login shells will read it
c0nv1ctintelikey: yeah, hence the "bash" in bash_profile
sethdoes anyone know how to share an NTFS partition with samba?
intelikeybut not any bash. bash logins
ickin leeenux?
epimethseth: you don't share partitions, you share folders
seth: just mount the partiton and add its info to samba
sethlet me rephrase
c0nv1ctseth: and you would share that folder with samba like any other on your system
sethI have a usb drive formated ntfs and mounted using ntfs-3g, there is a folder in it i would like to share, I have samba installed and it can share any folder not on this drive however with this drive i receive an error when trying to share a folder on it
intelikeyAlonea_ makes perfect sense to me. you want to add PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/sh-elf/bin:/usr/local/m68k-elf/bin:/usr/local/arm-elf/bin" to one of the files that will be read in by all apps. /etc/profile would be a good choice.
seththe error is as follows: An error occurred while trying to share folder '/home/seth/portable/Media'. Make sure that the Perl script 'fileshareset' is set suid root.
Alonea_intelikey: thats the bad thing though...I have done the path and it still wont work
intelikeyAlonea_ i would never add such a convoluted path... i'd make symlinks in /usr/local/bin to what ever is in those dirs. that's only read on login not mid session....
bkudriai'm using (k)networkmanager, but it doesn'y show my wireless device (i have a broadcom card that i must use ndiswrapper with, it creates eth1). i can use my wireless device fine (scanning with wlassistant) but network manager does not detect it...why?
sethanyone know of samba having an issues sharing from ntfs partitions?
intelikeyAlonea_ symlinks will work without reloging in
Contrast yes or use apt it does the same
Speaking of Synaptic and apt-get, is there an easy equivalent of apt-get's autoremove function in Synaptic?
Alonea_uh oh...fglrx wont install now i dont think...
intelikeyContrast autoremove ? or autoclean ?

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