#kubuntu - Sat 17 Mar 2007 between 00:44 and 00:57

fictionwhich makes me sad =[
cant use my fav python IDE on kubuntu, what the heck
bradfedno im saying your wrong underdog. ssh port forward having nothing to do with the firewall, that's why they are so cool
underdog5004hmmm, I had to open a port on my router/firewall to ssh in from the outside
bradfedOf course you need your first port forward to the ssh server, but you can include statements in ssh client which forward ports from the clients machine to the servers network.
ok, so on what machine are you trying to forward ports, client or server?
bradfedlike I can establish a ssh session to my server, at work, and then connect to the citrix server by telling citrix to connect to 1494 on my local machine. never having forward 1494 through my works firewall
underdog5004oh, ok
ubotugtk-gnutella: shares files in a peer to peer network. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.96.1-0ubuntu2 (edgy), package size 1982 kB, installed size 7016 kB
underdog5004I'm no great shakes with ssh...sorry
just use it to keep track of my bittorrent d/ls with rtorrent
anyone know how to monitor the temp of my 2.5 Ghz Celeron?
intelikeygood even
sdlnxgkanyone good at using sources.list???
bradfedI have the ports forwarded, but I need to add another ssh port forward in the session without closing it. Im in pissing match with an admin at work and he cut off my outside access, so to get around him i established a tunnel to my house and left it up witha ssh forward to my machine with rdp. The same ahole cut off my rdp rights, so now i want to forward damewares default port but i cannot quit the tunnel to do it because i dont have
a way to start it back up again, because ssh's port is not forward through works firewall
intelikeysdlnxgk using sources.list ?
actionintelikey uses sources.list every time dpkg is ran...
intelikeyuses sources.list every time dpkg is ran...
bradfedIf anyone hasn't played with ssh's port forwarding ability, you are missing out. You can beat really any firewall with it. even new cisco ase's by putting your ssh server on tcp port 443.
sdlnxgkintelikey i'm trying to update gtk-gnutella... i'm using dapper drake but the new version is on edgy or feisty depositories
bradfedit easy to use, and the putty client for windows can do it all.
sdlnxgkyup been using putty client for years..
never tried it with linux before
intelikeysdlnxgk why are you wanting to use an out of version package ? but at any rate just wget the package and use dpkg -i on it
bradfedFor it admins, you can use ssh's port forward ability to control an end users workstation without know public ip, having any firewall ports open or anything.
sdlnxgkintelikey because the package is not supported in dapper drake any longer :(
bradfedsdlnxgk: what do you putty to?
sdlnxgkwhen i'm work I putty to my linux box..
intelikeysdlnxgk that might and probably will give dependancy errors. but it's better than hosing the package manager altogather.
sdlnxgkintelikey what is wget??
intelikeyman wget
intelikeyor just serf to the repo and dl it with your browser
bradfedat home? if you wanted to get your desktop at work, and not forward vnc because it's so insecure, you can ssh to home box, and with
sdlnxgkya just putty from work computer to my linux box at home using putty
bradfedputty there are tunnel settings so you forward 5900 vnc's default, to your local work workstation, and open vncviewer at work and connect to localhost and you will get your home computer desktop without any security compromise
intelikeyleaving the computer running unattended is a security compromise.
bradfedSo instead of just getting a command line you will get your whole desktop, and with ssh's compression it work pretty good. Or you can forwar another machine desktop window or linux

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