#kubuntu - Wed 14 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:22

SolidSourceSilentDis: have you tried just editing the fstab file in kde? that might get it to mount it automatically
JucatoNumber2: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/kde
Number2will it show up in my gdm
SilentDisSolidSource: it's already setup properly... is there a tool I need to use specifically?
SolidSourceSilentDis: not if the fstab has it and the linked folder exists...
SilentDisSolidSource: they both do, I'm still not finding a tool to allow me to mount it on demand though :(
gekko_Excuse me, can anybody tell me where I can find commandline applications? Like "madplay" and things I had in other distributions? :)
or at least a list of packages I can install with sudo apt-get install?
SilentDisSolidSource: in /etc/fstab - /dev/ndas-00110749:0p1 /media/netdisk vfat defaults,user,noauto 0 0
SolidSource: and the /media/netdisk folder exists. I can issue a 'mount /media/netdisk' as user and it works.
SolidSourceSilentDis: hmm
SilentDisSolidSource: I'd have fstab mount it for me, but due to when the driver for it loads, that doesn't work. I basically have to 'wait' till i'm in user space to mount it.
SolidSourceSilentDis: is it a NAS?
SilentDisSolidSource: it's a Ximeda Netdisk, NDAS is the name they've given to the tech it uses. it's not NAS
SolidSourceSilentDis: ok...
SilentDisSolidSource: it is a network access disk, but it came out just as/just before they became all the rage, and thus uses a propriatary driver and such.
SolidSourceSilentDis: I have no idea
Aloneaok, I can't get Mplayer to compile...
SilentDisSolidSource: it's all setup on the backend, basically. I just need a kde tool to allow me to mount/unmount it. I could go with gdesklets i suppose, but that's a lot of extra overhead I'd like to avoid
Aloneaand it seems every file I try to install on adept fails, but when I go back to try again it says installed...
SolidSourceSilentDis: yeah, kcontrol should take care of it
SilentDisSolidSource: checking out System Services in System Settings... I show kde-guidance as stopped. is that the tool that does this? also, should I switch off gdm and switch on kdm?
Aloneayup. anything I install it says it fails partway through installation but says installed when I go back to it...
SolidSourceSilentDis: don't know...that service isn't running here...though it runs on boot
SilentDis: and the kdm thing, I doubt will fix, but who knows
SilentDisSolidSource: checking out service manager now...
SolidSource: KDED Media Manager shows as running...
Orange1how do i see whats taking all my cpu resources?
SolidSourceSilentDis: can't find anything like that on my system
SilentDisSolidSource: I didn't expect 'perfect' in this transition. for now, I can hit the konsole when I need to mount it, but I will do some searching and probably pop in here from time to time to ask again on this one :)
SolidSource: overall though... as I'm poking around I see some rather nice features. Amarok for one is lightyears better than Exaile! is, heh.
SolidSourceSilentDis: yeah, if I wanted both kde and gnome, I would have to go with a different distro....but I hate gnome, so don't worry about
Aloneaok, how do I load the root version of konqueror? kdesu konqueror doesn't work. Get X Error: BadDevice, invalid or unitialized input device 166
SolidSourcealonea: that error is fine
SilentDisSolidSource: eh. gnome isn't bad, it does have it's limiting moments though, which is why i'm exploring elsewhere.
AloneaSolidSource: Ok, then how do I load it?
Silveira_Netoalonea: xhost +;kdesu konqueror

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