#kubuntu - Sun 11 Mar 2007 between 01:02 and 01:10

Skullerflaccid: yea dunno abt that...thanx
flaccidorange_: this may help you out. http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58434&highlight=swat
ubuntuthis will show my problem i think
flaccidSkuller: thats cool. i did it and it worked, so just 1 command not too bad.
alberthow to i access the interface to costumize samba? (it was something like kcenter...)
orange_ive read every thread in ubuntuforum.org / kubuntuforums.org
flaccidalbert: its in kcontrol
orange_i tried all those solutions and guides
albertyou're my hero
flaccidorange_: including the one i pasted ?
ubuntuthe 80 GB disk has only documents and its trying to boot from there
orange_i was looking at that one before i got on irc
abadtoothOk, well I think it's time to just give up
orange_since swat is running in my process list but not listening in netstat -lt
flaccidorange_: interesting
orange_what can mess it between
flaccidi'm trying it now
orange_flaccid: /etc/services - had swat already enabled for 901/tcp
flaccidit will work without that
thats just known ports
orange_flaccid: I just have 1 theory - does swat create a folder inside /etc/init.d/swat
flaccidi have the same issue as you organge
don't know
orange_flaccid: folder at*
flaccidthis is interesting
i guess just another broken ubuntu package like a lot of them..
Hasrat_USAshould i change the clock tonight at 2 am?
orange_flaccid: Spent over 8 hours on swat - driving me crazy -- might just be better to suck it up and edit smb.conf manually
daskreechabadtooth: What do you mean it craps out?
flaccidorange_: here is the solution: http://www.jonhoweonline.com/blog/node/87
Dr_willisorange_, gesh.. ya could of read that using samba book about 3 times.. in that time
and learned whats going on. :)
flaccidthat worked for me and yes it would help if ubuntu could package things correctly so this shit doesn't happen...
orange_flaccid: does kubuntu come with a firewall enabled - blocking ports?
flaccidorange_: nope
thats not the problem
Dr_willisi dont think swat is a reccomended way to configure samba much these days

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