#kubuntu - Wed 28 Feb 2007 between 00:00 and 00:09

Shadowtesteris there a way to put a trash can on the desk top to just drag and drop files?
networkparadoxdefiant have you already attempted the install
smaxis it feasable to install kubuntu with kernel 2.6 on the fly rather than upgrade from 2.4 after installation?
smaxotherwise i get videocard issues.
bonbonthejondefiant: search for "ubuntu perfect isp", they have a great tutorial
jmiller5655so what programm do i use to change the keyboard layout?
networkparadoxdefiant, any errors?
defiantI did sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin and it said it installed
but when I go to localhost/phpmyadmin it asks me if I want to download this file
bonbonthejondefiant: do you have apache installed?
bonbonthejondefiant: is it set up for php
defiantThis is what I want to do. I want to set up phpmyadmin so I can import a databse that I have tha tis over 500mb
networkparadoxwhy not use the command line mysql?
defiantI do not know if it is compiled with php
because it does not work for me either
and I need to pull one of the tables out when it is done
bonbonthejondefiant: here is a great tutorial http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_ubuntu_6.06_p4
defiantbonbonthejon, that did not work for me either
jmiller5655anyone know how to change the keyboard layout? please
defiantI must be an idiot or something
jack_hi, could anyone help me witha compiling error?
bonbonthejondefiant: how far did you get
defiantapparently the whole thing but nothing works
hitmanWillyjmiller5655: its in control center under region/accessibility
bonbonthejondefiant: can you run "mysql" from command line
jmiller5655Thanx hitmanWilly
bonbonthejondefiant: the mysql admin console?
defiantwhat is that?
bonbonthejondefiant: mysqladmin, does it bring up a sql prompt?
defiantit gave me a list of options
bonbonthejondefiant: ok, so mysql is installed, did you set the root password
I just tried to import again and it tells me it exists but I cannot access it with phpmyadmin
jmiller5655hitmanWilly: there aren any keyboard layouts there when I get to accessibilities. What should I do?
networkparadoxdid you install the php4-mysql or php5-mysql package ?
defiantthat I am unsure of

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