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dx11101novel is biased to SUSE
actionDr_willis finds it hard to belive that ANYTHING on slashdot is noteworthy
Dr_willisfinds it hard to belive that ANYTHING on slashdot is noteworthy
Melchiorresuperlinux: when looking at this site: http://www.channelchooser.com/ do you see the flash intro thing that loads straight away?
superlinuxi see it says no video
jfk55555does anyone know about an overheating problem kubuntu has on laptops
superlinuxcan u give me command to check if i got flashplayer even if i installed from adept and firefox
Melchiorrewhat about when you click on one of the video links?
dx11101channelchooser doesnt work in linux if you do a simple google search, channelchooser linux
people say it doesnt work in linux
Melchiorredx11101: it works for me...
dx11101it works or you made it work?
Melchiorreit works
jfk55555Overheating problem???
Melchiorrewell I probably made it work somehow, but not intentionally...
thanx for help
Melchiorredx11101: the flash player works as normal to play the flash thing, and when I want to watch a channel, it uses the Kaffeine launcher plugin
superlinux: no worries :-)
dx11101ahhh its trying to use xine
i dont remember installing xine
Dr_willisIn soviet russia xine installs you!
Jaysound doesn't work all of a sudden.. how do I tourbleshoot?
PCM and Master channels unmuted and at max from alsamixer
Melchiorrejay: I'm no expert, but were you doing anything different when it stopped working?
Jaynothin? it just happens every now and then
mosttimes a reboot fixes it, but not this time
Melchiorredo you have any other OS's installed that you can boot into and see if it's a hardware problem?
dx11101jay: make sure your volume control hasnt muted anything and that all your mixers are not at zero
Jayit'll work in windows
alsamixer says everything's maxed out.. pCM and master
dx11101are you using onboard audio?
Jayso too says kmix
dx11101ac 97?
Jayinspiron 9400
00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)

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