#kde - Tue 8 May 2007 between 00:27 and 00:47

How do enable encrypted dvd playback with kaffine in kubuntu??
wolsnimysticmarks: ask in #kubuntu
mysticmarksok, thanks
wolsnior google kubuntu + libdvdcss
AmyRosedang, I can't go on my old computer because /dev/hda3 has been mounted 30 times without being checked :(
wolsniAmyRose: ?
AmyRosewolsni: It forced a full fsck
lexualthat sucks, I hate it when that happens.
Jucatoheh... how big is hda3? :D
Skrot-Now that KDE 4 Alpha is tagged, how long before its "released"?
AmyRoseJucato: 40 GB
well, approximately
wolsni"can't go on" == "have to wait a few minutes"
JucatoSkrot-: October 2007 is the target date
Skrot-For the Alpha I mean
JucatoSkrot-: hm... that's the release already
AmyRoseHeh, I can wait.
for KDE 4.0, that is
ePaxIs there any clients like dc++ for kde ?
I think thats the only one
Have you tryed it?
Skrot-Yeah, but not for 4 years or so
ePaxok... i hope its updated :D
Skrot-I think it's sort of unmaintained..
AmyRoseyay, it finished
Jucatosee. wasn't that long :)
dastardlyanyone know how to setup dual monitors with ATI radeon 7000, one monitor being laptop monitor and one being LCD on a toshiba satellite
i tried the ubuntu guides for xorg xinerama and mergedfb
neither crashed x, but neither made my laptop monitor turn on
so any ideas would be great
(btw, sabayon)

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