#kde - Fri 4 May 2007 between 00:00 and 05:27

PiterPunkAmyRose: But you know how it (the configurator) works?
AmyRosePiterPunk: Sorry... I'm not a programmer.
I'm just a user.
twiggzas long as i can steal and drive a porsche, i dont care how to build them...
PiterPunkAmyRose: Well... let's see if i found something -:)
AmyRosePiterPunk: Well, you know you can always get the source code to KDE. :)
PiterPunkI found it! They are a serie of perl scripts
SuperGuppyi sanyone working on a KDE adapter for syncML like funambol?
StarScreamSuperGuppy: check out opensync. (opensync.org) they may have something. If they do there is a kde project called akonadi
which uses opensync
eegoreIs there such a thing as a tour for Koffice. It looks so loaded that it may need some guidence to grasp all the cool features
Daemoenhey guys, is there a way of adding a seperator to a panel?
for sorting purposes
blmmHow do I do "cp -r --never-overwrite sourcedir targetdir"? (There does not seem to be such a switch.)
Daemoendoing a selective recursive cp?
There is an option to always overwrite (-f) overwrite only older files (-u) and to ask (-i), but there does not seem to be one to never overwrite.
alkos333Has anybody tried ripping audio CDs with k3b?
thiagoblmm: try this: yes n | cp -i ....
blmmthiago: Good idea! I will try.
ruinevilcan you run kde 3.5.6 on qt4?
CPrgmSwR2Is there any ideas for improving kdm
Because I think this is one area kde lacks is its kdm
grepperI see it once a month , personally I don't care to much - but knock yourself out :)
nnnv(Off Topic =]) Does anyone here use the gillette deodorant body spray? how is it?
blmmthiago: That seems to be working; I used beagle-exercise-file-system to create a tree for experiments.
mark_alecruinevil: no, kde3 is qt3, kde4 is qt4
blmmHow do I match all files in the current directory in a bash command? [Trick question!]
justwallyYou need a "Strikes anywhere" match for that
blmmThanks! I did find the answer. It is: .!(.|) *
monziehi all
EruditeHermithey, does anyone know how to get voice recognition to work in khotkeys?
artagnonI'm having issues with not being able to switch from the KDE desktop environment. I'm a Debian GNU/Linux user and I've switched several times between fluxbox and wmii. I just wanted to try the new KDE 3.5 and I'm kind of stuck now
To start X and KDE, I used the startx script. Unfortunately, I'm unable to trace where it actually calls KDE
annmaartagnon: you have to ask in #debian-kde
actionartagnon nods
actionartagnon parts

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