#kde - Sun 13 May 2007 between 00:08 and 00:57

zeekstarrhow can I burn an mpeg to be watchable on my dvd player with k3b?
stonedzeekstarr: first you need to use mencoder or something else to transcode mpeg to DVD format
zeekstarr: basically you need to generate the proper .vob files in VIDEO_TS
zeekstarris it possible to do this with avi as well?
stonedthen use k3b to burn a video dvd project an dput the .vob files in VIDEO_TS
zeekstarr: yes
zeekstarr: consult mencoder docs
zeekstarrk, thanks
stonedthere are also mencoder frontends and guis
zeekstarroh and also, my k3b install doesn't have the video dvd option
stonedyes it does
you have to go to menu>file>new>dvd video etc.
its not on the main screen as a button
zeekstarroh ok, thanks
zeekstarrgonna go read up on mencoder
stonedsomeone in #mplayer might know some good frontends for it
it is an mplayer productb
zeekstarrok, thanks, :)
stonedproduct btw*
i_is_twowhy cant k3b burn a 6.6gb dual layer dvd? :/
tells me it can only create an image
Chanii_is_two: maybe it thinks your hardware can't do it? maybe it just doesn't know how yet?
actionChani shrugs
i_is_twohardware is fine i burnt a dual layer disc last night
ChaniI dunno then. I've never had a dvd burner
i_is_twoit was 4.4gb tho but k3b said a regular dvd was too small so i went out and bought some dl's and it worked
now i'm trying to do a 6.6gb disc and its tellin me it can only create an image
AmyRoseIs there a way to make the formatting toolbar always show up in MSN chats?
in Kopete
Ze_Mi have build and installed kdebase svn release 664065 and now when hitting the middle button mouse it doesnt paste anything in address bar or in searchbar
Ediehowhi friends
anyone use a bluetooth headset w/linux?
i_is_cati figured it out!
actionviolot has seen the light.
violothas seen the light.
I'm now KDE, instead of GNOME.
i_is_cati cant build pc's blindfolded yet...
violot1 year of GNOME has me missing my KDE.
actionviolot hugs KDE. *It's been so long :D*
violothugs KDE. *It's been so long :D*
i_is_catapparently i forget to plug in the dvd burner ide cable

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