#kde - Mon 9 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 20:23

Renzewolsni: no
wolsniit doesn't look like it now that I have a pdf open
mardiRenze, wolsni: that did it! thanks much
Renzemardi: no problem
wolsnimardi: now that I look at it, it would appear that the filters are in the config/kmailrc file, not the apps/kmail dir
DawnLightwhats the fastest way to change the resolution of an image?
wolsnimardi: also, don't forget your ~/.bogofilter so you keep your spam statistics :)
delarilI'm having some problems with KMix. it doesn't seem to correctly adjust the volume of applications running through dmix (alsa). can anyone help?
mardiwolsni: yeh, i'd done that earlier :)
wolsniDawnLight: krita and kolourpaint both have an option to resize an image by percent or size in pixels
Lankendoes anyone have documentation for deKorator?
I don't know what to name the image for a sticky button that has been activated
TheSimkinsticky_on ?
LankenI haven't tried using underscores
I'll try that.
actually, I didn't try "true" either
tried "enabled," "active"
TheSimkinare there pre set names?
i thought you where just having trouble picking a name
LankenI haven't tried looking at the source
yeah, there are preset names and since the themes I've looked at haven't had sticky icons, I can't figure out what the names are
for the "sticky_off" button, it's buttonSticky.png
(I guessed it)
spawn57I'm going to a debian party here in Hong Kong, huzzah!
gone|winspawn57: is it about etch?
gone|wincool and.. better late than never ;)
The3_14ed|rHow do I get Konqueror to not try to make a line should be right-to-left when I paste a hebrew character in a multi-line text field?
s/should //
I've just checked out kdereview but I don't know how to build viki. Help please
mreilandis this the place for ignorant KDE developer questions, or is there another chann dedicated to that? :)
hydrogen#kde{,4}-devel exists
smileaf#kde-devel or #kde4-devel
capiirai just hope they never drop that feature
logixoulcapiira: the checkbox is there ;)
Ken69267|AFKthere is a checkbox?

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