#kde - Sun 8 Apr 2007 between 00:06 and 03:22

t35t0rwhy did k3b change the retarded penguin splash
it now looks "official"
Sho_t35t0r: You can still select the retarded penguin splash
PlatynaIt is great to develop multidevelopment OS and then create for it retarted icon.
So it looks retarded.
t35t0rthat penguin splash was the best :>
Sho_t35t0r: Seb wanted some new artwork for the big 1.0
can anyone recommend a SIP client that, uh, works? I was trying to find one last year, to try wengo, and gave up because I never got anything fully working.
nixternalChani: I used KCall or KPhone that worked decently
RenzeChani: twinkle?
Chanihmm. I'll put those on the list :)
do you jknow whether any of those are arts-friendly?
I really hope phonon can make all these silly sound issues go away
Renzeno idea... I stopped using arts years ago
Sho_Renze: I've gotten the Gentoo chaps to put MPlayerThumbs into the tree, btw
RenzeSho_: cool
smileafanyone know how to make kwin pass the click when you use the middle button? in previous kdes I was able to resize a window without raising it or activating it by using the middle button.
Chanismileaf: it's somewhere in the controk center :)
smileafChani: I'm looking at the kwin settings ;)
Chaniall I know is that it is possible. I remember fiddling with the click options smewhere
smileafit was always default before so I have no clue if its a regression, a bug, or a default setting change
Chanidesktop -> window behaviour
smileafthats where I'm at
and you've set everything on the various tabs to pass click?
smileafyou don't use kde for 4+ years without knowing where to find settings =)
thats for inner window actions.
Chaniwhat about the title tab?
don't see any pass-click option.
Chaniyou're right
smileafI wonder if they realized the window actions should be for inner window operations only, and removed the passclick to the window decorations.
Renzespawn57: ask in #debian

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