#kde - Tue 3 Apr 2007 between 00:09 and 02:15

fungoswhen kde4 debuts?
bsdfoxfungos: sometime in october I think
oriis there a way to disable kde's "an application has crashed" notification?
typically i'm pretty aware of application crashes, so it's just adding insult to injury, as if you tripped and broke your leg and someone said: "look, you broke your leg!"
hydrogendon't install drkonqi? :)
orioh, is that the culprit?
hydrogenthats the app that does it
blackdogisn't ironic that the KDE channel has relatively very few people with names that start with K compared to most other letters?
i thought i'd start with a joke to break the ice
wow tough crowd
qupadablackdog: mine starts with q
smileaf<-- s
blackdogmy point exactly
smileaf<-- Super? =)
blackdogim afraid i dont understand
actionsmileaf hands blackdog a puppy.
smileafhands blackdog a puppy.
thanks smileaf
lhunathI keep getting these really annoying delays followed by the error message:
Session management error: Could not open network socket
what's going on?
when I strace it; the thing seems to be trying to connect to /tmp/.ICE-unix/3726 which does not exist.
mine's called 15237, not 3726
ksmserver is loaded ..
doesn't happen with xmessage, though, so not all x client suffer this delay
opera does
and so does vim because it tries to connect to the clipboard .. -_-
noctii get this on starting k3b, konqueror: "kdeinit: DCOPServer could not be started, aborting."
jabhatti91maybe your dcop server died...
bsdfox_nocti: I had that happen one time, I ended up reinstalling KDE :\
Renzebsdfox_: talk about overkill
bsdfox_Renze: probably :)
I tried to fix it for a couple days but then I gave up.. it was on a media box that I didn't need to use anyways
noctibsdfox_: i'll try to install kdcop. :)
wolsninocti: kdcop is not a dcop server
wolsni: what could be pulling it? i'm using gentoo
wolsnii'm with whoever suggested your dcop server might have crashed
nocti: if you run 'ps aux | grep dcop' is a dcopserver listed?

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