#kde - Sat 28 Apr 2007 between 00:46 and 01:10

dauoalagio2konqueror appears to be not accepting my logins
i can't login to sites like myspace
Alethesare you blocking cookies?
dauoalagio2Alethes: no what happens is that it signs me in but instead of bringing me to my home signed in page it brings me back to www.myspace.com, however, it acts as though i signed in already (says Hello Dauoalagio and no sign in form)
Alethesdunno, man
sstchurDoes Konqueror support CSS opacity?
AlethesI gave up on konq as a browser a while back
I just use firefox and expect things to work
dauoalagio2i don't want to leave Qt
Opera gives me the same thing
Firefox, of course, works
wolsnidauoalagio2: a possible workaround is to navigate to your homepage in firefox and copy the url over to konq/opera
if that works, i imagine you can bookmark it
dauoalagio2wolsni: lemme try because i think when i sign in it goes to that page but is redirected back
wolsni: yeah i got redirected back to myspace home
wolsnidauoalagio2: then I suppose you need to file a bug report and use firefox for the time being
dauoalagio2wolsni what should i say
Alethes"it don't work"
wolsnidauoalagio2: your bug report should list what went wrong and how to reproduce the error (the more specific the better)
also version information is good
dauoalagio2should i literally mention Myspace because i think it's only Myspace
wolsnidauoalagio2: yes, specifically mention the site
dauoalagio2all right thank you
wolsniunless you know the http/html-level stuff that's being handled incorrectly and want to host a duplicate for testing purposes :P
dauoalagio2ah too mcuh :P
wolsni: considered a bug or a wish?
wolsniit sounds like a bug to me
actionwolsni notes that he's not a konqi hacker
wolsninotes that he's not a konqi hacker
is this good enough, wolsni:
Whenever I try to log into www.myspace.com it successfully logs me in and trys to access my personal page, however, it becomes redirected and sends me right back to www.myspace.com
wolsniif there are multiple ways to log in you might want to be more specific
but it looks reasonable to me
dauoalagio2Multiple ways?
idk any other
wolsnii'm not familiar with myspace, you're probably right
well it's sent
LabThugI recently upgraded to kubuntu feisty from Edgy. When I did, "switch user" was removed from my menu. How do I get it back?

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