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XVampireXWhat's workbench about?
ForgeAusyeah old style... I agree...
workbench is the amiga desktop
its the gui for it
Sho_AmigaOS of course also paving the way for some KDE tenets in some ways
ForgeAusSho? really? interesting
AmiWM is just too basic, almost no configuration
KyralHey stupid question...
Sho_ForgeAus: You could say ARexx was a precursor to DCOP in terms of what end-users used it for
ForgeAuswhereas if AROS's desktop was in Linux, itd be awesome!
Sho, that's kinda above my head...
I've heard of them but I don't know enough about what those things actually are/do
KyralIf my college campus switches over to Exchange from Lotus Notes...will KMail still be able to use my college email?
ForgeAusRexx is a programming language I know that much
ARexx is Amiga's Rexx?
KyralIts used on the Z-Series right?
I only know about REXX from IBM's Master The Mainframe competitions
Rexx/Regina, for PC mostly
KyralActually I think I have a hello world on my computer...
ForgeAusI think theres a NetRexx or something ?
Sho_ForgeAus: Many AmigaOS applications had an "ARexx port" over which they exported commands and functions to ARexx, making them scriptable externally from ARexx - similar how you can script many KDE applications via the interfaces thex export on the DCOP bus
KyralBut anyone know anything about the thing I asked about KMail?
XVampireXSho_: I wonder what dbus is gonna do for KDE then
ForgeAusyour saying what? Dcop is basically Rexx scripting for KDE?.. isn't KDE based on QT?
(for GUI)
KyralForgeAus: DCOP is interprocess communication
Sho_ForgeAus: No, DCOP is an inter-process communication bus that KDE applications and components use to talk to each other, and also allows end-users to access the interfaces applications export on the DCOP bus
KyralSo its also akin to Unix Sockets and stuff
Sho_ForgeAus: DCOP can be uses from nearly any scripting language
KyralWait...can I use MS Exchange to interlink with KOrganizer?
Sho_ForgeAus: But the things you can do with it as an end-user - automate applications to a degree, glue them together - is similar to what ARexx was used for on AmigaOS
ForgeAusMS exchange?... um dcop to KOrganizer sounds right but how do you get stuff from MS Exchange?
XVampireXSho_: By the way, I find it cool what Plasma is doing, I guess they want to make it completely customizable so that there could be a plasmoid for different panels and so on... so perhaps I'll try to make a plasmoid for something unique :)
KyralForgeAus: Just got an email from the head of our OIT saying they will be switching from Lotus Notes to MS Exchange for Email and Calendaring service
Sho_Kyral: I think the Kontact page had a info about Exchange
KyralForgeAus: I don't use their Webmail so I assume POP3/IMAP functionality will stay the same but...
Sho_ForgeAus: Start 'kdcop' some time and browse the interfaces on the bus
ForgeAusyeah Kyral I'd assume same pop3/imap accessing to the mail server shouldn't b a problem
kewl Sho

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