#kde - Sun 22 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:36

black_13wolsni, i see something about kde administration but how do i get kde to run a single application with not taskbar or icons?
wolsniblack_13: "killall kicker kdesktop" should do the trick
themanmikedoes anybody know how to find a I386 retrace for a bug report??
wolsniblack_13: of course, i'm not sure how you'd initiate a clean logout after that :)
wolsniblack_13: there's also an option in the window menu to run any program full-screen
black_13this is starting to sound like a scient project
science project
wolsniblack_13: what are you trying to do?
black_13wolsni, build a base for video slot machine
wolsniblack_13: so then logging in and out isn't a huge problem for you
black_13wolsni, in fact it should autolog in
wolsniblack_13: and then stay logged in until you turn it off, right?
wolsni, what should happen is the slot softhware should be started
and i would like dual head support
wolsniblack_13: you should look into having the slot machine program run INSTEAD of a desktop environment
black_13one head is the slot machine and the other display runs a banner or a video
wolsni, yes but it runs in xorg
wolsniblack_13: that should still be doable
black_13and if xorg dies for some reason you need to restart xorg (kdm)
wolsni, lay it on me
wolsniblack_13: look here for information on how to define your own KDM sessions:
black_13wolsni, thanks
wolsniblack_13: good luck
black_13wolsni, what is a kdm session or
own session i mean
wolsniblack_13: is English your first language?
when I say 'define your own KDM sessions' I mean 'define KDM sessions for yourself'
wolsni, btw dyslexia
Simeon_Hwho's bright idea was it to make the word "dyslexia" so complicated
and who put an s in "lisp"
> >
sadist probably
derrleydoes kate save it's settings somewhere? like the settings for color themes?
smileafderrley: syntax highlighting?

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