#kde - Sat 21 Apr 2007 between 23:25 and 00:11

canllaithWell, we'll see if it can be cleaned up a bit.
_panproteus/msg nickserv link polyeides hyperuranium
Ozymandiashow the heck to i resize the damn panels/taskbar? all I can figure out how to change is the main one, and thats not the one that is annoying
wolsniozymandias: the other panels should show up in a dropdown in the config dialog
if they don't, try running 'dcop kicker kicker restart' in a shell or logging out/back in
Ozymandiasthe only one that does is "universial sidebar" which I closed and got rid of already
Ozymandiasnow, if you can tell me how to swap locations of my main panel and "panel" i could not be any more happy
the oversized panel was really annoying me
wolsniozymandias: you can move them around just by dragging
Ozymandiasi want them both on the bottom of the screen, but I want the main one to be above the "panel"
it insists on being on the bottom
i suppose I could just swap the contents of the two bars
wolsniozymandias: i think that's your best option
have you tried moving the main panel to another edge, and then back?
wolsnis/best/only/ in that case :P
as much as I hate to say it, i use windows so much at work that it bothers me when my linux taskbars are wildly different organized
i am used to shortcuts and aps being here, running apps there, etc
wolsniozymandias: nothing wrong with wanting to have similar configurations on different workstations
actionwolsni keeps roughly analogous layouts on his windows and linux partitions
wolsnikeeps roughly analogous layouts on his windows and linux partitions
black_13ozymandias, oh ye mighty king of kings
this is a refreching channel
i had just about given up on freenode
er, refreshing
actionwolsni hits F5
wolsnihits F5
nothing happened ?
OzymandiasLaughs Out Loud
so when I was installing kde, i noticed that superkaramba was installed -- how would I go about starting that to play with?
been 9 months since I used it
wolsniozymandias: go to kde-look.org, find a theme you like, download it and double click on the theme file
Ozymandiasthats all? nice
wolsnihttp://liquidweather.net/ has a pretty slick theme
g35best kde theme???

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