#kde - Tue 17 Apr 2007 between 00:01 and 03:52

ferret_0568I used the tee -a method
xjkx"<expose> luke-jr: use "free -m|grep cache" to find out the actual memory usage" img i have 434 and 52 free only :O
expose, ps -aux tells me the % of memory usage not how much memory is used :/
exposebe aware, that ps afaik doubles stuff. for instace, app a may have 5% and app b may have 10% but infact 2.5% of both are shared stuff
ask #bash or so for details
so, the actual summ of a and b isn't 15% but 12.5%
xjkx<twkm> bash doesn't know.
i wasnt expecting to have it as %
exposeman ps might expose options for different output values
might as in most likely will
nanothiefhey I'm having a problem with a script I wrote. It works when run through konsole, but doesn't when the script is double-clicked in konqueror. The script is http://pastebin.ca/443904
kaner_is there anyway to keep konqueror from prompting for the password while connecting to an SFTP resources after the SSH RSA key has already been setup?
fannagogannayou could save the password
moddcan i ask a kde/gnome question here?
SAS_Spidey01Whats the point of asking to ask a question?
asarchHi everyone, how is it getting along?
How's the weather?
[Bart]good :p
well, less hot as yesterday, but still good :p
Hey guys, how can I print a full KDE manual? For example, the KWord's manual
StarScreamasarch: where is kwords manual ?
asarchDeamn!!! You scared me... :'(
The speakers were too loud... 8-O
Renzeasarch: boo!
asarchShhhh!!! Everybody sleeps here...
What do you mean with "where"?
StarScreamwell if you show me where the manual is....how i access it, i will tell you how to print it :)
asarchAh! Right, just press F1 from inside the KWord's window
StarScreamoh ok...so does the print button not work ?
asarchIt just prints the current section
But, what about the ENTIRE manual
StarScreamhmm thats interesting....i'm not sure
ses1959_how can i install a program
Renzethat is distro specific, ask in your distro channel

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