#kde - Sun 15 Apr 2007 between 20:40 and 21:05

maybe thats a next release feature... let me jot these down
logixoulha! I thought I had lost the deK documentation I'd written when my webhost jumped ship... and here it is! in my gmail 'sent' folder!
sub, you want it?
SubOneis it different than whats in the source?
logixoulSubOne: oh, right, moty put it in the source too. well, the only difference is that mine is xhtml and his is um... ascii art.
Renzemrigns: a}S
logixoulomg! Renze strikes back
jsumnershow do i make Noatun actually quit when the 'x' is clicked?
SubOnewell with the new format i already have documentation in the sample theme.xml
mrignslol renze
logixoulmrigns: so what was that? :D
mrignshe said penis
SubOne: ah ok
mrignsi said esuwiji = svg ;P
SubOnesvg presents some issues
however, i dont know if it will be in the first release, but i plan to offer subthemes, so you can have the same theme with small differences, like in windowblinds
i think everyone will be really happy with my new button groups
you'll have to wait until its released to see them :p
mrignswasnt that fuck in chinese?
Renzeno, it is japanese, and it means both arse and hole :D
mrignsya, i know but the chinese use the same sign for fuck
Renzethe chinese like anal sex? ;)
it contains both symbols of meat and to enter
but im not 100% sure about that
afk pushing a snickers out of my spine ;P
Renzeum, thanks for sharing
t35t0r? ? ? ?
t35t0r? 'eh ese ?
mrignswas a good one

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