#kde - Sat 14 Apr 2007 between 00:06 and 00:17

SubOnecan anyone recommend a diff app that works with binaries and has a gui
I was surprised to find Kompare didn't work for binary files
Renzewhy would you ever need to diff a binary?
SubOneto quickly check if they differ....
and to create a patcher
Renzemd5sum will tell you that, and patches are ascii
patches ascii what are you saying?
Renzepatches are plain text
you can't make binary patches
SubOneyes you can
and there are diff/patch apps but i havent seen any with gui
Renzewhy would you want to? the binary would have to have been compiled with exactly the same gcc version and options for it to be able to be applied
SubOneRenze: does it matter? if you don't know its alright to say so.
Renzeit does matter
SubOneWhy does it matter what my intentions are? You either know if such a thing exists or not.
Renzeno such thing exists, because the premise is ridiculous
AlethesRenze: what's he looking for?
RenzeAlethes: a diff program that will make patches for binaries
like a hex editing patch?
SubOneExplain to me how patching a 50 megabyte or larger archive with game data in it with a 10kb file for small changes is ridiculous?
SubOne: diff two binaries and use patch with the result
see what happens
SubOneAlethes: You seem to think binary automatically means executable.
bluelightningSubOne: bsdiff/bspatch and Xdelta are probably your options... but I doubt you will find a GUI for them
RenzeI'll leave this one to you, Alethes. have fun. I'm off to have a shower
AlethesRenze: nah, I'm too busy reading slashdot
that's how bored I am
SubOnebluelightning: thanks, i guess ill have to stick with console app
Alethesbtw, Renze, I don't have wireless highspeed anymore
it's satellite now
which is actually faster
and more reliable

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