#kde - Fri 13 Apr 2007 between 10:24 and 10:36

whitenoycedo i have to use the () ?
mrignsit was a joke lol
KDE is not switching to DBus
mrignsSho_: is a kde-dev ...
whitenoyceKDE is not switching to DBus. DCOP is great
Daverockswhitenoyce: that article is 3 to 4 years old
whitenoyceok i don't have a dbus executable
that's it
that's dpkg -L dbus|grep bin
mrignsi caount 5 executables
whitenoyceno dbus
Daverockswhitenoyce: i have "dbus-viewer", which allows me to dbus things
*to do dbus things
Sho_whitenoyce: KDE already has switched to DBus
whitenoyceis cli gone?
Sho_whitenoyce: In fact, KDE biggest user of DBus technology today
whitenoycewho is dbus technology?
whitenoycewell if kde is a user then who is the supplier?
actionmrigns fights against the troll inside
mrignsfights against the troll inside
Sho_whitenoyce: DBus is being developed collaboratively by KDE, Gnome and others on the www.freedesktop.org platform
whitenoycewait a second why does libdbus-1-cil install libmono ?
is kde going mono?
benJImanThere are better mono bindings for kde4 though
Sho_Your distribution probably wants to install the Mono/C# bindings for DBus and installs libmono for that -> ask your distro
With KDE, our DBus bindings are included in Qt4 now
whitenoyceSho_, who pays KDE developers?
They can't all be benevolently toiling for qt/trolltech
Shamanmany of them are
Sho_whitenoyce: Some KDE developers are employed by distributions or other software development companies with a stake in the technology. Most by far are unpaid volunteers.

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