#kde - Sun 1 Apr 2007 between 11:15 and 11:23

MrGrimSho_: yes I know the excuse
Sho_Even worse was "aKregator", thank god that got fixed too
MrGrimI hate that name :/
Daverockssome things you can change into a K, but "Kolf" just doesn't work for me
MrGrimat least kde4 is still retaining a sense of identity.. I love the naming of the new components
Daverocks: my bosses name is Dave
or one of them
Sho_MrGrim: You like them despite not being all-lowercase except for the last letter? Isn't that way too conformist?
DaverocksMrGrim: you've been promoted. congrats!
I hope
rindolfSho_: I recently switched from Akregator to Google Reader. What I really could use is an RSS reading web-server backend, with a client on the local machine for KDE, Win32, etc.
Sho_: because the Google Reader interface kind-of sucks.
MrGrimakregator is a resource hog for me.. damn thing consumes a quarter of my cpu just sitting in the tray
I have to kill it before doing anything intensive
Sho_MrGrim: Sounds bug-ish, I've never seen heavy CPU usage from Akregator
DaverocksMrGrim: that's odd. my akregator sits totally idle
lostsonhere too
MrGrimSho_: do I even have to respond to that?
your cpu
my cpu
Sho_MrGrim: Even on my G4 800
MrGrimthink about it
.00034% of your cpu is a quarter of mine
DaverocksMrGrim: you're right, it's your computer, different results
Sho_MrGrim: The one thing that can be heavy on CPU usage is the "combined view" view mode, the generation of the HTML is pretty heavy, I suppose if you have a really short fetch interval that might be noticable
MrGrim: But the regular split view with the item list and the item pane shouldn't be heavy at all ..
MrGrimI don't know what my interval is.. I figured it would use the interval defined in the feed itself for eacj feed
Sho_MrGrim: The default is a 30 minute interval
MrGrimI also don't let articles expire.. I have every article since I started using it
Sho_MrGrim: Me too
And my archive is network mounted via CIFS
MrGrimwhat is this combined mode?
Sho_MrGrim: It's one of the view modes, where it basically generates a HTML document that shows every article in a feed (archive) on it, one after the other
MrGrimhow do I tell which view I am in? there is no indication in the menu
oh, I'm in normal view
I just cycled through them
Sho_The combined view sucks pretty much because it is indeed a CPU hog
(even on this CPU)

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