#kde - Thu 8 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:08

purplepenguinswhen possible
illogic-alpurplepenguins should be shot on sight.
did i say that out loud...
my bad.
purplepenguinswhen bash completion is case insensitive maybe
slyfoxSo in Linux most of the folders do not begin with the capital ?
illogic-alslyfox: they can begin with whatever you want.
wolsnislyfox: it's quicker to type if you don't have to keep reaching for shift :)
Renzespaces tend to be annoying, though
illogic-alslyfox: the important thing to note is that in linux things are case sensitive
purplepenguinsit won't use capitals unless you make it use capitals
foo != Foo
illogic-alslyfox: this becomes important when trying to run things like cron scripts. so it's much simpler to just make everything lower case
slyfoxGot it.
Kyralslyfox: Keep in mind its your choice completely
illogic-albut if we catch you doing it again we'll beat you silly
Renzeyeah, and illogic-al is the result of the beatings ;)
actionRenze ducks
illogic-aland Renze is my man slave
fear us
slyfoxWhat do you people use for notes? I use TiddlyWiki, but it does not work with Konqueror. Is there some otehr good choice which does not restricts you by software too much ?
illogic-alslyfox: knotes?
illogic-albasket is pretty good i hear
actionwolsni just forgets everything
wolsnijust forgets everything
klingonwho came up with tiddlywiki for a software name..
RenzeI don't publish my thoughts... they're mine! my own! my... precious
slyfoxRenze: I fear basket. I got the 1.0 version and there is no undo delete button or option there
Renzeslyfox: so suggest them to the authors
slyfoxAnd all of you use Konqueror rather than firefox ?
Renzemost of us, yes
actionwolsni much prefers konqueror to firefox
wolsnimuch prefers konqueror to firefox
purplepenguinsI use Konq for file browsing, and firefox for web browsing
slyfoxBut konqueror does not work well with sites. For example Joomla CMS, I use it to manage my site, all the text editing tools do not even load in Konqueror . ? :-(
Renzeif I want all my memory consumed for no reason, I'll load firefox, or openoffice
slyfox: it works perfectly with the sites I frequent
wolsnior eclipse, don't forget eclipse

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