#kde - Wed 7 Mar 2007 between 00:01 and 01:36

SAS_Spidey01mmm, some how I always wind up using konqi instead of my default browser +S
Juxaludebsdfox: did you get ksensors working
i use sensors; lm_sensors
requires some kernel features turned on
mardihi all, i'
hi all, i'm searching now for a clue, but anyone know off hand how i make knode filter cross posts?
kubunterocanllaith: Hello
kubunterocanllaith: there is a Mii Meeting place :)
kubunterocanllaith: Doh! Wrong blog :)
Never mind :)
canllaith: Nice website thought
qupadahey canllaith
mardianyone here use knode?
kubunteroaseigo: ping
aseigo: I think the graphic on the blog reply to Selee is broken
arrenlexWhat does the "kdereview" branch of the kde trunk contain?
ForgeAuhas anyone successfully got KDE running in interix?
ForgeAuyeah or if you like SFU (Microsoft Services for Unix)
basically Linux for Windows
josh415it's like cygwin
ForgeAuerm or rather a BSD addon to windows
... I think
I don't even know what kind of package manager it uses yet
(I think its BSD ports)
josh415it's X11 + GNU + POSIX stuff
SAS_Spidey01how joyful
ForgeAuI'm mostly just toying with it for fun
and to see if I can get kde running on it
but I have no high hopes I'm not exactly an expert Linux user
SAS_Spidey01Only once did I try to run KDE on Windows, very stressful
josh415there are KDE on Cygwin docs out there if you get tired of SFU.
piztekis it possible to create a multiple email group contact in KAddressBook?
ForgeAuyeah I know cygwin

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