#kde - Tue 6 Mar 2007 between 00:55 and 01:46

daskreechreviewing it now I should probably move it
JucatoDaSkreech: #kde-www for techbase concerns :)
Thanks :)
JucatoRenze: having internet problems
larrythecowhow do I make beryl and emerald start as soon as I run kde?
aptYou can change the window manager used by KDE with the $KDEWM environment variable. See http://ktown.kde.org/~seli/kdewm/
Renzesee above
larrythecowwhere is me /.profile?
Renzelarrythecow: or you could just use Autostart instead
aptTo start a program or set an environment variable at KDE login, see: http://docs.kde.org/development/en/kdebase/faq/configure.html#id2560273
Renzesee above
actionRenze wanders off in search of food
Renzewanders off in search of food
actionMetalCode tosses Renze some doggy treats
MetalCodetosses Renze some doggy treats
kingmikeHi. What music player should I use if I want to play musics shared with smb (without mounting smb shares) ?
Dr_willis.files are normally in the users home dir
Why when we are the KDE help, we can only search for the man pages?
Dr_willisyou mena the konqueror 'help:/' ?
Hmm i though there was a help:
JucatoDr_willis: yes, but you have to enter teh app name
pierreth__I mean in khelpcenter
Jucatopierreth__: it's an everlasting Kubuntu bug...
pierreth__Jucato: Help is not important to fix?
Q-collectiveDr_willis: it's man:/
Jucatooh wait, I presumed you were in Kubuntu :D
Q-collective: there's also a help:/ kioslave
pierreth__Jucato: yes I am
Q-collectiveoh, I don't have that one
Jucatoheh lol
Dr_willisman:/ is handy
RenzeQ-collective: I do

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