#kde - Mon 5 Mar 2007 between 15:40 and 15:55

_Johnyas user?
annmatype thatn hit Enter and paste or write down the answer please
I've got to install "gdm" , wait a minute please
type it in the terminal!!!
_JohnyOtherwise I'd not be able to past the output, would I?
annmawrite it
it's not long
annmaare you ircing from this machine?
_JohnyYeas, i am
annmaso the output please
_JohnyI got: "Trying to create local folder /home/johny/.kde/share "permission denied"
should I try as root?
thiago_johny: no, you should find out why you can't create a folder in your own home
annmais it when you type what I said?
chavo_johny, his permissions are messed up, thats why I asked him if he formatted /home
_JohnyYes, exactly "kde -config --prefix"
annmawell did you reformat /home we asked several times
did you?
annmathen your install is very wrong
annmacreate a new user
and type the command
_JohnyI shouldn't have done that, should I?
annma: just a minute
Ok, so as a new user after typyng the command, i get /usr
annmaso try as the new user to start kde
_Johnyannma: you mean "startx" command?
annmawhatever your distro provides you
I'd like to ask you if you can explain to me, what did I wrong
lexs/j qt

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