#kde - Sat 31 Mar 2007 between 08:08 and 10:27

thiagothat's selection
Freddy2i see.. that's a shorcut for a customized selection
pinotreehack, right
how do i make konqs navigation panel to remember its settings?
annmasave a profile for example
betalike sizings of the shown panels....i have amarok home and / shown but everytime konq loads up new the size and order are reset (which makes it pretty useless unfortunately)
annma: yes i did...i changed quite a bit multiple panels a bahs ect. all is saved nicely aside form the navi panel
hm, possible at all? id like to use the navigation panel but they way it is now it aint of use at all
gourdinI created a filter then aplly it on my inbox
kmail crashed
when I try to launch kmail again, I got this : http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/13073/
anyone can help me ?
betahow do i setup windows to remember its sizes and positions?
noam_i have a small problem. i use ubuntu edgy, and when i choose mplayer as a video engine for any video player (such as kaffeine, kmplayer, etc), instead of rendering video with mplayer into a kde window, it just opens a new mplayer window, and leaves the original program blank. any ideas?
bpuzonhello, Does anybody know a way to make the keyboard LED's blink under KDE? (setleds refuses to work ("Are you sure you are in a terminal?")
eXistenzHow can I get konqueror to work seamlessly with gmail?
thiagoset your browser identity to something that gmail doesn't complay
and pray to Google not break their interface again
bpuzonthiago isn't xleds only an option to xorg.conf? and I'd like to change it in runtime (to indicate that some new mail has come)
thiagoxleds is a program, afair
Freddy2bpuzon: then simply add a sound action to kmail when this happens..
bpuzonFreddy2 I don't use kmail, And most of the time my laptop should be silent....
schnuggleshello, does someone know if I can use the kde wallet to store my firefox passwords?
Mirrakorschnuggles: afaik not, but you can store konqueror passwords in it
MirrakorI know konqueror is a good file browser, but as webbrowser foxi is doing the better job
Sho_schnuggles: You'd need to file a bug at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ that they should integrate with KWallet
Mirrakoryeah, right we can fill tickets for everything - nothing is impossible :
schnuggles^^ ok
pinotreekwallet has a dcop(kde3)/dbus(kde4) interface, firefox could just use it
but - of course - they shouls allow "external" password managers
Sho_So users need to let them know there is demand
MirrakorTruecrypt was an OS PW manager too, or?
uhm, no it was the encryption tool..
how was the name of the PW manager again?
calvin_Is it possible to move kicker down the screen slightly? If I put it at the top, it covers some of my applications menu?

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