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purplepenguinsI liked FreeBSD very much in my time using it
psphax0r9if im backing up, which files are most important to back up if anything goes wrong?
sharp15PSPHax0r9: which ones did you modify?
PSPHax0r9: sorry. i thought i was in #gentoo.
LankenPSPHax0r9: back up /home and /etc
sharp15PSPHax0r9: irssi's window managment is messing with my head.
SolifugusHow can I look at a text file with lines around 10,640 bytes long without using word-wrap?
And why does kspread only show up to column IV?!
Lankenspreadsheet programs have always been pretty limited that way.
I don't know if you can increase the size.
sharp15Solifugus: buy a bigger monitor?
Solifugusnice.. F10 turns off the word wrap on kwrite and let's me view it all... nice.
Lanken: actually, I though older versions of openoffice let you go farther than column IV
eternaleyeHi, I'm using arts over Alsa. It has been working for some time, but with the upgrade to 2.6.19 something seems to have changed. I know the problem is with arts, as cat'ing /dev/urandom into /dev/dsp1 works. The server is running, and I've tried every combination in the sound server page of the Control Center.
bonbonthejonI'm working on a project in qt3 designer, how can i convert that to kdevelop
Solifugusso.. is there any application in which I can import a .csv file and view it in a grid control?
I mean with MANY columns.. not just ending at column IV
Cooler123Hello to all! Question. OpenSuSE10.1, KDE, in keyboad layouts, suddenly disappear all languages and kerboard types. Probably I uninstalled some package, but have no idea which? Any ideas?
lunitikCooler123: #suse
Cooler123great idea. I actualy think, that it KDE related question.
Renzepackages are a distro-related question
BartSimpsonIs there a way to forcibly hide a window from the taskbar and have its icon be displayed in the system tray, without the program having to do so itself? Some programs dont have this feature so is there some kde module or something to be able to do this with all windows?
RenzeBartSimpson: kstart --help
BartSimpson: or ksystraycmd --help
Cooler123So, remove distro and package words from my question.
BartSimpsonRenze: is there a way to dynamically switch these kstart/ksystraycmd options while the program is running? ie if i do kstart --tosystray foo, can i move it to a window?
RenzeCooler123: different distros name their packages in different ways... I have no idea what suse calls their packages
BartSimpson: to hide from the taskbar, yes... to dock to the system tray, no
RenzeBartSimpson: right click titlebar, advanced -> special window settings
system tray icons aren't icons... they're small app windows
Cooler123Renze. Let's go another way. Imagine, that I want modify keyboard model, Which file I should modify, from KDE point of view?
BartSimpsonRenze: so can i add a shortcut for hiding the window/unhiding or do i have to go to the advanced-options manually?
RenzeCooler123: .kde/share/config/kxkbrc - but it won't do you any good if you've uninstalled the xkb keyboard definitions
BartSimpson: it's either hidden, or it's not
Cooler123And if I want it appears globaly in the system. Probably, these files are missing I have another suse system and rpm run rpm queries.
sorry, that sentence makes no sense to me
Cooler123and can run rpm queries.
Renzethat didn't help much ;)

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