#kde - Sat 24 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 01:17

Alethesonce I knew how to make it look like I wanted it to, I was happy with it
lilltigerI was the opposit, totaly fell in love with konq, there is no better browser :)
DawnLightokay, once there is a hebrew translation - it's out with the openoffice and in with the k
AlethesI wish openoffice would just release some kinda backend that would allow for any gui to be used with all the functionality
kinda like Moz did with gecko
hydrogenwould it have to be as buggy as gecko?
RenzeAlethes: the ex-proprietary codebase is too much of a mess, methinks, to separate the function out of the GUI
hydrogenits already as bloated
AlethesRenze: that's probably true
johnny69I'm waiting for Kde Ver 29.32 before making any rash decisions :)
Renzeyou have a rash?
at the rate of four versions every 10 years
you have about 70 years to wait
johnny69Renze: None in any places you want to know about :)
Renzeah... nappyrash :D
johnny69That sounds more like a name for abad cover band.
amicrawleris there a way my streamtuner is no longer working right
livindedwhy do some apps use kdesu be default and others do not?
amicrawleri go in to the shell and will not it just goes blank
livindedI was checking the desktop file for wireshark which uses it and it's not mentioned in there, but for ettercap's gtk interface I need to manually set that
Sulo_SeppaI painted KDE4 on my pillow so that I can sleep next to it every night.
hydrogenthats kind of weird
RenzeSulo_Seppa: sicko ;)
at least I painted it on my shirt only...
(or at least planning to)
livindedI wish I had a nice silk screened kde shirt
r3factoredis there anything better than Kontact for email/rss/calendars?
thunderbird i guess
TehKewl1"they call me the king of the spreadsheets, got em' all printed out on my bedsheets"
Renzer3factored: kontact is just a container app that embeds kmail, etc
r3factoredRenze: ah ok - i meant kmail, kcalendar etc.
TehKewl1Renze, but it does it well :>
Renzer3factored: no, there is nothing better ;)
actionRenze glances at the channel name
Renzeglances at the channel name
TehKewl1not for KDE anyway
or anything else
r3factoredRenze: ha ha how bout thunderbird
Renzenever used it, don't particularly want to

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