#kde - Thu 22 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:15

mardi_soiri run gentoo maybe to install again akgregtor will solve
Jucatomust be a split ebuild thing again...
mardi_soirbecause of a configure dependancies .. i don't know ..
actionJucato wonders if Renze knows
Jucatowonders if Renze knows
Renzeor a USE flag thing
it has always just worked for me
actionJucato also notices that mardi_soir doesn't have the adblock extension
Jucatoalso notices that mardi_soir doesn't have the adblock extension
mardi_soir[ebuild R ] kde-base/akregator-3.5.5 USE="kdeenablefinal xinerama -arts -debug" 0 kB
[ebuild R ] kde-base/konq-plugins-3.5.5 USE="kdeenablefinal xinerama -arts -debug" 0 kB
Jucato: i have a adblock filter in konqueror
Jucatono, I'm talking about the extension that shows an adblock icon in the status bar
mardi_soirJucato: you 're right .... i have to right click on a frame to use it .. no icon appears
Renzemardi_soir: emerge konqueror-akregator
mardi_soiri just seen kde-base/konqueror-akregator
... sorry ..
i feel quite stupid .. :/
mardi_soirahahahahahah it works !
actionRenze hungers...
actionJucato devours...
intradehi renze lol
actioncubezzz eats twinkies
cubezzzeats twinkies
intradedo we got infobash for gentoo?
Renze'lo intrade
wtf is infobash?
intradesystem info tool
shows all hardware
Renzecubezzz: twinkies will outlast cockroaches when the bombs drop
cubezzzah, good
Renzeintrade: kinda like kinfocenter?
intrade"infobash" is where http://rebelhomicide.demon.nl/projects.cgi#infobash
its cool when somone wants to know what hardware is on quickly
Renzeseems pointless
intradeshows xorg version also
Renzetry /sysinfo
Renzeif you're using konversation

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