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colemichaewhat is the city your after?
colemichae: so there's no way to just use the UTC?
colemichaeMy distro did have UTC + and minus now its gone..
lilltiger_carutsu: wouldent it work to just choose berlin?
UTC+1/+2 in whole germany..
Carutsulilltiger_ i don't know
Centeral European Timezone
lilltigerCET = UTC+1 CEST = UTC+2
Carutsulilltiger_ how should i know, i just want to keep easily in touch with a friend, but i just know he lives in Nuremberg, dont know how are the timezones on germany
lilltiger i live in Mexico
colemichaeselect berlin
lilltiger04:02 in germany now
colemichae11:03 Manila
lilltigeryes, just select berlin or stockholm or any other CET city
Carutsuok, thank you, although i think UTC should be avalible
Jucatono it's just 11:03 in Manila
I just read that as 11:30 lol
colemichaeknowing my typing at times i could have writen that..
Jucatohehe I was just surprised.. being in Manila and not being 11:30 AM here :)
Carutsuer, thx for the link, but there was where i got the UTC+1, however i didnt know how to set it
colemichaeok just select Berlin and you will be ok.. Same Country and Same Zone for them.
Carutsucolemichae, thank you, although here in Mexico we have 3 diferent time zones
colemichae xD!
colemichaeSame where i came from Australia.. Now in asia with how many zones..
Its that class we all ignored when we were children Geography. Ah why will i ever need this stuff.. Hehehe
bulent_okthow can i put /var/log/messages output in my desktop background?
nondysjunctionPerhaps someone can suggest to me a glassy kwindeco?
johnny69I've seen that on a few screenshots but don't know how it was done. I guess you could open a console and run the piped output to that constantly.
Jucatonondysjunction: crystal w/ the proper overlay
nondysjunctionJucato: I'll give it a shot.
this site says they do it
michaelAnyone know a little bit about building KDE from source?

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