#kde - Mon 19 Mar 2007 between 00:01 and 00:09

I'm trying to execute a few commands on KDE start, how can I automate this?
t35t0rnondysjunction, put them in ~/.kde/Autostart
aptTo start a program or set an environment variable at KDE login, see: http://docs.kde.org/development/en/kdebase/faq/configure.html#id2560261 - or, if you want a GUI - http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=45975
Renzenondysjunction: see above
nondysjunctiont35t0r: thanks.
wolsninondysjunction: in konqueror, go -> autostart
nondysjunctionHeya again, Renze. :)
wolsnithen you can drag shortcuts or scripts in to the directory easily :)
t35t0rnondysjunction, e.g. i put ln -s /usr/bin/conky ~/.kde/Autostart/conky
Jucatohi Renze!
nondysjunctiont35t0r: ~/.kde/Autostart is a directory, what do I do, put scripts in it? I was expecting a file...
Renzehi Jucato & nondysjunction
t35t0ryou put whatever you want in it symlinks, scripts, etc
Renzenondysjunction: scripts, desktop files, or symlinks
canllaithnondysjunction: anything kfmclient can execute
symlinks, .desktop files or scripts
nondysjunctioncanllaith: cool, thanks
t35t0rso if i put a jpg in it, that would always show up?
like launched by konq?
t35t0rheh boo
it has to be executable ok
Lankenkonqueror displays svg, right?
canllaithyup if your distribution has svg support
nondysjunctionIt's weird... my volume knob will NOT work when setup properly, but when i reverse the knobular polarity with Xmodmap, it works fine. Heh.
Renzeknobular polarity... sounds kinky
Lankenwhat distribution would lack svg support?
I have a pretty normal gentoo install.
RenzeLanken: check your USE flags
Lankenkonqi doesn't have a use flag for svg in gentoo
RenzeLanken: how about KDE in general?
Lanken: I have "svg" in make.conf, and svg works fine
LankenRenze: it's hard to say for kde in general. I started from kdebase-startkde, and that has no svg flag. I did emerge -pv kde | grep svg, and nothing came out, but I don't know if that means anything.
RenzeLanken: I see two possible causes then: 1) missing svg use flag, and 2) incomplete install of KDE
Lankenincomplete install of kde sounds likely. I intentionally tried to start with the bare bones.
RenzeLanken: no, you started with what gentoo considers to be bare bones
there is a difference

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