#kde - Wed 14 Mar 2007 between 01:05 and 01:13

daskreech__There were more votes against Microsoft getting that fast tracked than any one submission in the history of ISO and it still got fast tracked
Alpha_ClusterNone. They wait one week and then they make darkness as a standard.
wolsnidaskreech__: where did you see that the 'fast track' status is the same as being pre-approved?
StarScreamdaskreech__: 14 out of 20 i believe
qupadaAlpha_Cluster: how many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?
daskreech__wolsni: Hold on let me see if i can find the link
zackglenniequpada: a fish.
qupadatwo; one to hold the giraffe, the other to put the clocks in the bathtub
Alpha_Clusterim guessing some to rotate it around them
god i hate yum...
smileafdarn, my guess was none, it can't be done. to them tho its done. =)
that doesn't seem like iit will benefit MS that* much
as they still need 2/3rds
actionsmileaf wishs there was a krazy code checker for kdereview
smileafwishs there was a krazy code checker for kdereview
Alpha_Clusteri wonder if they can get that even
daskreech__what does plasmagik do?
it doesn't look like the fast track helps at all
Renzedaskreech__: it turns you into a frog
troydaskreech__: it's about plugin management for plasma - see #plasma if you want to get fuller responses :)
StarScreamit acutally gives iso more time to see if it is a good idea
and if there are problems
Renzetroy: spoil my fun, why don't you ;)
StarScreamwhich would be worse for microsoft if anything
daskreech__Whats the best Video editing KDE app?
I would guess rosegarden is the best audio?
troydaskreech__: I don't think there's a good one for KDE in specific, but I'm sure there's a good one for X in some fashion
daskreech__Kino is gtk?
qupadathere is cinelerra, but it being "good" is entirely a subjective thing
Alpha_Clusterisnt kino the main video
smileafzackglennie: has he done a Qt port yet?
troy-ZzZzJucato: by the way, I've been running off the gobo livecd for 24 hours now without issues :) still not sure if I want to try installing it :)
actiontroy-ZzZz goes to bed
troy-ZzZzgoes to bed
zackglennieI have no idea. that was in the X-in-some-fashion group.
smileafoh, that one's a really good one even if its a gtk app, the developer provides excellent support.

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