#kde - Tue 13 Mar 2007 between 18:41 and 18:48

benJImantroy: they don't
troy: and ktorrent does't depend on either of those
nikolavpi am with Gentoo
Mirrakortroy: gentoo rocks ;)
troybenJIman: in that case he much be using an external package or somesuch...
actionBille slaps troy upside the head with a stack of suse 5.2 manuals
Billeslaps troy upside the head with a stack of suse 5.2 manuals
nikolavptroy no distro is bad :)
Mirrakorexcept ubuntu :D
nikolavpit depends from the person behind the keyboard :D
benJImanI think yaloki's package may depend on avahi
Mirrakor(na, na.. just useless flame)
nikolavpwell i havent used any Debian, Debian based distros
as a Desktop machine
i only do for some of the servers :)
actionMirrakor not too
Mirrakornot too
nikolavpbut i think it rocks :D
troynikolavp: :)
nikolavpwell Debian is one of the if not the only one with a really nice politic, licenses :)
troynikolavp: kde's icons will probably end up in non-free on debian for using the creative commons 3 license... which is kind of rediculous...
nikolavpso noone did make konversation work with google ?
troy well this is better from some closing the whole Distro cause of bad politic :P
benJImanMirrakor: that package uses avahi for zeroconf support, and avahi uses the other two packages
troynikolavp: true - even if I disagree with debians decisions, at least they aren't arbitrary :P
i would be happy if Gentoo live forever :d
and i would be really happy if Debian and Gentoo go together in a new distro :)
Mirrakorgentoo is having a bad time atm
nikolavpthe one part of the devs bring the binaries and the other the compiled :)
troynot going to happen - gentoo is too focused on cutting edge... entirely unlike debian :P
nikolavpMirrakor: why do you think so :)
pinotreedistro talks please out of here, THANKS
nikolavptroy you are not right ;)
troypinotree: done
nikolavppinotree: ok i will have that in mind
qupadai hate to say this troy, but i think you've missed the entire point of gentoo
k-squpada: true
nikolavp: some gentoo peers provides binaries... binhosts
nikolavpwell i can only say that this is the distro i use from 2 years and i had only 1 problem with mysql
which was fixed in one day
k-s: yeah but it would be good if there were mirrors for all of the packages :)

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