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johnny69Ok, next question for all you linux critters. This is not a specific Kde question but that's what I am using and I never got an answer in #linux so please forgive. How do I go about putting the line: smbmount //the-turd/mp3 /remote-drive -o password= -m=5000 in Fstab so that it does this and mounts at every startup ? (kde 3.5.x/suse 10.1) Thank you
Sulo_SeppaKDE, how you tease me. Everyday I wait, hoping for version four. My love for your unreleased goodness cannot be expressed in words, so I will in actions once you are released.
johnny69That brought tears to my eyes. :)
paddejohnny69: use cifs with fuse
troySulo_Seppa: patience, young grasshopper :)
actionRenze holds out a pebble on the palm of his hand
Renzeholds out a pebble on the palm of his hand
paddejohnny69: or just use cifs, like described here: http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Setup_Samba#Using_CIFS
Sulo_SeppaI fear for KDE4. It will convert gnome users like nazis in a country with a terrible economy and named germany.
GNOME just won't keep up :p
MaximLevitskyWhat is about dolphin ?
What is happening ?
Why it is choosen to be default file manager ?
Jucatoread the article
MaximLevitskyJucato, what article , I read in on dot.kde
Renzethat is the article
Jucatothat's it
MaximLevitskyIt says nothing
What wrong with konqi
Renzekonqi will still be there, and still do the same job
JohnFluxas far as I can tell dolphin will
*) stop you nicely viewing pdf's
RenzeMaximLevitsky: dolphin is for the multitude of users who were demanding two separate apps for file management/web browsing
JohnFlux*) replace the url with breadcrumbs
I'm not sure what else
the article didn't really say much else concrete
Jucato**) not have a treelist viewat the side
ner0xIs there a KDE tool to see if the writer part of a DVDRW is broken?
JohnFluxJucato: the history etc bar thing?
JucatoJohnFlux: no. just the tree view of directories at the side, like in most file managers. but I guess that's provided by the breadcrumb widget in a way
MaximLevitskyBut it is much better to have a setting that will allow to choose which one to use, and not have default browser at all
Jucatothat's equally foolish
StarScream_MaximLevitsky: not really...people should only have to think if they want to
if people aren't happy with the default they can change it
Renzemost people don't like to think at all
probably because they're not very good at it :D
MaximLevitskyBy the way, nautilus==dolphin is a major reason I don't use gnome
Jucatodolphin > nautilus
StarScream_MaximLevitsky: so change it
Jucatokonqueror > dolphin > nautilus
MaximLevitskythat is right

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