#kde - Tue 27 Feb 2007 between 00:49 and 01:27

actionRenze is hot and bored
Renzeis hot and bored
actionDr_willis makes sure this isent an adult-chat-room....
Dr_willismakes sure this isent an adult-chat-room....
Renzeah, the joy of misinterpretation
graftDr_willis: can i connect to your tcp socket?
actionDr_willis fsck's graft
Dr_willisfsck's graft
Hay stop grepping me!
Nice Ascii!
actionDr_willis thinks the Nyquill is kicking in.
Dr_willisthinks the Nyquill is kicking in.
graftman... i wish they would write a tar option so i didn't have to keep checking whether it was gz or bz2
Dr_willisi use 'unp' :)
unp: unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.10 (edgy), package size 9 kB, installed size 72 kB
chavograft, I have a function in my .bash_aliases that does that for me
RenzeDr_willis: how do you pronounce that? ;)
Dr_willisi dont :)
graftunp, eh
Dr_willisi just disovered it one day browsing the repositories
i guess its just a fancy script.. not really looked into it much.
i had started to do a similer script once ages ago.
RenzeDescription: Script for unpacking various file formats
grafthmm... problem with that is if i get used to it, i'll be on some other system one day and i'll be annoyed when it doesn't work
chavograft, http://rafb.net/p/w1CY4R66.html that works for me.
graftdangit... i was trying to make a political statement, here!
but... thanks for the script, that looks handy
tvtoonDr_willis, !!!
Dr_willistvtoon, ?
actiontvtoon playing Rockman 7 again...
tvtoonplaying Rockman 7 again...
Dr_willisdo i know you? :)
jordo23What works the best to play non flash video in Konqueror>?
What works the best to play non flash video in Konqueror
Renzekmplayer's kpart
tvtoonRenze, you can't recommend it :O !
The GUI doesn't run at 60 FPS, hahah :D
Renzetvtoon: um, you're not making any sense
tvtoonit was another day joke ;)
A guy clamming it to be "too slow"

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