#kde - Sun 25 Feb 2007 between 00:00 and 00:07

qupadaJucato: i used to be schitzophrenic, but we're ok now
Renzepierreth: native? dekorator theme? icewm theme? emerald theme?
Jucatopierreth: is it a native window decoration? if it is, you need to install it like a regular program
(binary package or compile from source)
pierrethRenze: I don't know, things from Kde-Look
Renzepierreth: that doesn't answer the question... all of the above are on kde-look.org
pierrethHow can I know?
Renzekde-look tells you
Jucatopierreth: the page in kde-look will tell you
Renzewhich section did you download it from?
pierrethI have lots of .png images in directory
qupadapierreth: under 'type' it will say 'dekorator theme', 'native theme kde3.2+', 'emerald theme', etc
Jucatopierreth: that page where you got that windeco will tell you what type it is
pierreth: http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdebase/userguide/win-deco.html
pierrethOK, I will return to the web site and start it all over
Renzeif it is just a bunch of png images, it ain't native
pierrethI don't what I have now
I don't know I mean
so, if it is native, what should I do?
Renzeif it is native, you compile it
pierrethconfigure, make & make install?
Renzepretty much
wolsnipierreth: pretty much
pierrethOK, thank you
Renzewolsni: get out of my mind!
actionwolsni backs out; it's a scary place to be
wolsnibacks out; it's a scary place to be
Jucatopierreth: unless there's a package available for your distro
Renzewolsni: don't I know it ;)
Aletheshey Renze, I've notice that kio_http processes don't die automatically even when the connection should be closed. They're going away after 5 mins. Is there a way to change this behavior?
I saw some timeout options in connection prefs, but my changes didn't make any difference
RenzeAlethes: nope... they stay there in case you want to use them again
Alethes: it is normal behaviour
RenzeAlethes: it is faster than renegotiating the connection each time
Alethesnot for me :)
I'm on a wireless highspeed connection
it kills my connection due to radio time limitations
Renzesucks to be you ;)

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