#kde - Thu 22 Feb 2007 between 00:13 and 00:31

SAS_Spidey01where does KMail store mail by default?
RenzeSAS_Spidey01: ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/
RenzeSAS_Spidey01: your distro may vary
SAS_Spidey01well its sure not ~/Mail or /Lexar/Mail/Local_Folders ^_^
RenzeSAS_Spidey01: cat .kde/share/config/kmailrc|grep -i "^folders="
SAS_Spidey01sweet Renze theres a bunch of old msg here in maildirs and mbox files
slyfoxDoes Koffice support .doc files ?
verbotenthe las version did something alike
tvtoonYes, to some extent...
verbotenbut at the same as openoffice has problems with the position of parragraphs an inages
Chaniweird issue suddenly popped up: I was fighting with font stuff a couple days ago, and now konqueror is refusing to let me change the font for web pages. every other part of kde, including konq's tabs, is fine- but all web pages are using a font that's great for english and unusable for chinese. and I need to be able to read chinese. and kde4's konq isn't quite stable enough to use
verbotenits something with the XML spec of .doc files
smileafChani: are you sure its not just some encoding issue.
Chanianyone have any idea why I'd be unable to change a website font?
bkudriaI just posted a new version of my 'snippit' app - a script to type text snippets for you quickly. Now with in-place replacement support! I'd appreciate any feedback! http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=52197
smileafView -> Set Encoding
slyfoxChani: SO I should stay with open office instead of trying Koffice ?
Chanismileaf: the reason hte chosen font is unusable for chinese is something to do with qt3's font stuff sucking. workaround seems to be using one particular font. but suddenly websites won't use that font
slyfox: huh?
actionChani uses LaTeX
Chaniuses LaTeX
verbotenits a matter of what you like
slyfoxwaht do you use ?
verbotenslyfox: I like KDE alot but I allways work with openoffice
slyfoxverboten: ok
verboten: do you also use kmail for email ?
verboteneven the internationalization of my nature tonge ist good enough
actionimagine uses coNdom
imagineuses coNdom
verbotenI use kmail an koppete
imaginewhat a joke isn't it?
verbotenand the cool gadgets of superkaramba
smileafChani: what Qt version are you using and do you have an example of a site that doesn't render right?
imagineverboten: Koffice is not ready for production ;) good idea to use ooo
slyfoxverboten: isn't superkaramba dead? What do you use from it ?
actionhydrogen finds ooo just as buggy as koffice
hydrogenfinds ooo just as buggy as koffice
I have to say that nothing has really replaced msword for me yet except appleworks :(
actionsmileaf prefers koffice to ooo.
smileafprefers koffice to ooo.
RenzeOOo eats all my RAM and demands more... I'll stick with koffice
hydrogenthey both are really buggy if you try to do anything more than write a letter

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