#kde - Tue 20 Feb 2007 between 00:04 and 00:19

highnekoUsing kate is it possible to manually save a backup in the gui quickly and keep editing the main file?
StarScreamhighneko: hmm manually hey....probably not
there is an automagic backup save option
highnekoIf I want save as then entered file.bak then it would start editing the fiel.bak right?
I'm smart enough to make backups only when they're needed. :3
Chaniso, if I put export FOO=bar in my .xinitrc, it does nothing... I need to set some vars for any program kde starts (input method stuff), and I'm not sure how. any suggestions?
I don't think bashrc will work either... but I'm sure there's some file I can dump these vars into
troyChani: I usually put that sort of stuff into .bashrc, and then reload the shell...
ChaniI'm using kubuntu, but I'm more used to gentoo's config
madd_mattChani, try /etc/profile
troyChani: on kubuntu :)
Chanitroy: I think bashrc will only help me if I run kde from bash
troyChani: yeah... there's always .profile
chavoChani, you can use ~/.kde/env also
Chaniahh, .profile may be what I want
troychavo: I don't think .kde/env is executed until some parts of KDE are already loaded though... not certain of that though...
aptTo start a program or set an environment variable at KDE login, see: http://docs.kde.org/development/en/kdebase/faq/configure.html#id2560273
solid_liquidanyone know if I can setup konsole to automatically switch my schema to VIMColors when I run vim?
Renzesolid_liquid: I doubt it
Chani.profile didnt work
Dr_willishmm.. if ya could figure out a command to change schemas,, ya could make an alias.
RenzeChani: see the url that apt just supplied
solid_liquidRenze: konsole is smart enough to change the title bar based on context
Renzesolid_liquid: that's a feature that xterm also does
solid_liquidDr_willis: I was thinking about how it already responds to context
Renzesolid_liquid: actually, it is the shell doing all the work in changing the title
not konsole
solid_liquidRenze: how does it do that?
Renze: I read about it once, but can't remember
Dr_willistitle bar is just some escape sequences i thought. :)
Renzeby using xterm features that also exist in konqueror
tvtoonsolid_liquid, -ls
Dr_willisseen xterm do similer things. with prompt settings
Renzeyes, it is just escape sequences
vbgunzhow do I make an "alias" permanent?
ChaniRenze: yeah, trying that now
solid_liquidbut how about new escape sequences for konsole to trap? ;)

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