#haskell - Thu 17 May 2007 between 01:00 and 01:07

HairyDudeI didn't say mutable variables
GwernQtPlatypus: no. you take people doing stuff with various levels of success, you take some pen and paper tests, and try to match them up
MyCatVerbsHairyDude: but common usage is that "variable" means "mutable variable" and "immutable variable" is denoted by "constant" >>
QtPlatypusThe statistics are corralated with general intelegence. But we can only find general intelegence via the statistics.
HairyDudeit is? news to me
MyCatVerbsHairyDude: (I'm whining, aren't I? Just ignore me.)
HairyDudeno such thing as mutable variables in the language of mathematics, but there are still variables :)
GwernQtPlatypus: no. one kind of statistics (life, people doing stuff, how long they live, etc.) is correlated with general intelligence, and that's correlated with another set of statistics (performance on various reasoning and mental manipulation exercises as part of long varied tests)
MyCatVerbsHairyDude: parameters! ;_;
HairyDudeMyCatVerbs: what do you call the names you bind using let/where then?
_andrewhen i create a function that has the same name as one in from the prelude, and load it from ghci, it prints an error saying that the call is ambiguous. is there a way to specify which function i want?
jcreighI tend to refer to named bindings in Haskell as "variables" even though they do not, technically, vary.
skiimport Prelude hiding (foo,bar)
MyCatVerbsHairyDude: touch. Dammit.
MyCatVerbsI don't usually refer to them at all except by name.
HairyDudejcreigh: "variables don't, constants aren't"
dibblegoI see you get voted *down* on reddit for a your/you're mixup.... ah the good ol' days, when it was voted up /me reminisces
MyCatVerbsBut I can't actually think of any other term.
jcreighHairyDude: heh heh
dibblego*for calling someone on a your/you're mixup
MyCatVerbsHairyDude: Alan Perlis was a legend. ^^
HairyDudeAlan Perlis?
actionHairyDude googles
MyCatVerbsHairyDude: the name of the famous CS researcher you just quoted. x_x
HairyDudeI didn't know he came up with it :)
lambdabotTitle: Perlisisms - "Epigrams in Programming" by Alan J. Perlis
MyCatVerbslambdabot rules, by the way.
TomMDAm I the only one who has trouble compiling the network6 package? (darcs get --partial http://darcs.serpentine.com/network6)
lambdabotTitle: Index of /network6
HairyDudeMyCatVerbs: it does indeed
ski"data structures induce binding" ?
MyCatVerbsHairyDude: really, what other bots do people ever think of adding those sorts of features? Eggdrop? I cackle!
*features to. (I'm starting to hate myself right now, dammit.)
HairyDudetbh I'm not familiar with other bots, I just know lambdabot is great :)
_andreski: thanks!
ski_andre : 'import qualified Prelude as P' could also be useful (possibly in conjunction with the other)
HairyDudeincidentally, I must get round to trying out xmonad some day

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