#haskell - Tue 15 May 2007 between 00:07 and 00:49

MyCatVerbssorear: your mother's cushions.
Wait, no.
Um, good morning.
JKnechtany advice on 6.6.1 vs. 6.4.2?
(from a minimum breakage perspective)
(with maximum advancement if poss.)
sorearJust use 6.6.0, if you want to be conservative.
6.6.0 is a huge improvement over 6.4.anything, and fairly old
of course 6.6.1 will probably be better yet, but you might think it's too new
littledanjmanson, I used to use gedit too but I've grown to like vim
jmansonlittledan: really? I can't get past the mode switching, so have never seriously considered it, but that is the editor that I use when I don't have X around.
littledanjmanson, once you learn to fluently use many different commands that put you in insertion mode (eg a, o, etc) it gets a lot more useful
sorearjmanson: If you want a lightweight modeless editor, you should take a look at mg (emacs-style keys)
jmansondoes vim have haskell syntax highlighting and indentation?
MyCatVerbsjmanson: yes and yes.
jmanson: though I find the indentation a little off, sometimes.
jmansonHmm. Sounds interesting. One thing that I forsee having to do often is change the indentation of whole blocks of text.
I know I have to do that in C++ at least
MyCatVerbsshift I tab escape, then smush the . key every time you want to increment an indentation.
desp@hoogle IO () -> IO ()
lambdabotSystem.Mem.Weak.addFinalizer :: key -> IO () -> IO ()
Foreign.Concurrent.addForeignPtrFinalizer :: ForeignPtr a -> IO () -> IO ()
GHC.Conc.addMVarFinalizer :: MVar a -> IO () -> IO ()
JKnechtsorear: thanks!
desp: are you looking for a 'forever' funciton?
despjmanson shift-V for visual block select mode; that's quite useful coming from a more modern editor
sorear yup
sorearShift-V is visual line, block is Ctrl-V. (at least in vim)
sorear@type Control.Monad.repeatM_
lambdabotNot in scope: `Control.Monad.repeatM_'
despbut shift-V and arrows, etc...
sorear@type Control.Monad.forever
lambdabotNot in scope: `Control.Monad.forever'
sorearhuh. it's in 6.7
LoganCapaldo@type let forever a = a >> forever a in forever
jmansonI have a haskell problem now.

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