#haskell - Sat 12 May 2007 between 10:52 and 11:37

Saizandmhouse: it doesn't work for me
ohmegaDoes it use ghc for that?
dmhouseohmega: yeah.
Saizan: are you using inf-haskell?
If not, you should be.
SaizanSymbol function definition is void: remove-if in the minibuffer
yes, i'm using it
dmhouseWhich version of haskell-mode?
dmhouseYou might need to do C-c C-l beforehand.
Saizani have done it ..
C-c C-t works
dmhouseremove-if is an autoloaded Lisp function in `cl-seq'.
That's from my C-h f remove-if RET
Saizanuhm C-u C-c C-t works only for operators ..
dmhouseIt works for functions for me.
Saizan: do C-h f remove-if RET
Saizanno match
dmhouseTry (load "cl-seq")
That is, M-: (load "cl-seq") RET
Saizan: then try C-h f remove-it RET again, and see if it works.
Saizani've had to (load "cl") forst but now it works, thanks!
dmhouseCool. :)
Saizani can put this 2 loads in .emacs right?
dmhouseI think inf-haskell.el is missing a (require 'cl).
Should be able to.
Use (require 'cl) rather than (load "cl").
dmhouseHrm, cl gets loaded with haskell-mode for me.
actionSaizan now understands why this module dosn't have any typesign, they are 9 lines tall!
Saizannow understands why this module dosn't have any typesign, they are 9 lines tall!
dmhouseEep. Someone needs to learn about type synonyms! :)
Saizanor use superclasses
dcouttsfalconair: it's deserialisation that is an applicative functor, serialisation is a monoid
falconair: at a minimum anyway
Nicu_@pl isSubstringOf3 as bs = any done $ scanl next (makeTable as) bs
lambdabotisSubstringOf3 = (any done .) . scanl next . makeTable
ehird`is @pl as pointless (;)) as it seems?
ejtI find it very useful, but sometimes it does return unreadable code
ehird`why is it useful?
Botjeehird`: "map"

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