#haskell - Fri 11 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:18

cdsmithsorear: I didn't have any trouble. What problems are you referring to?
sorearcdsmith: a cabal-build bot won't install the helpers in the right places, so > won't work
cdsmith: also @djinn @hoogle @ft @unlambda @let @check and @scheck
cdsmithsorear: oh, I guess I didn't do the install. I just run lambdabot from the build directory.
sorearcdsmith: still, the helpers need to be in .
cdsmithsorear: All I can say is, at least hoogle and djinn work for me, and I did nothing special.
sorearcdsmith: lucky ;)
sjanssensorear: what's wrong with the README, other than build isn't executable by default?
sorearsjanssen: the .plugins line is totally wrong - .plugins will make the bot fail (guaranteed), and isn't needed for >
sjanssen: also the correct offline command is './lambdabot -e offline'
sjanssenthe first block of commands is fine, though
SgeoCan I jsut change Config.hs then do sh build ?
sjanssenassuming you've satisfied the deps
SgeoI satisfied the deps for lb-4.0.1
sjanssenyou're probably missing zlib
@hackage zlib
actionSgeo wonders if he should change Url.hs
Sgeowonders if he should change Url.hs
esp. since I'm not quite sure what I'm doing
actionSgeo decides not to bother
Sgeodecides not to bother
What's fptools?
sorearyou don't want to know ;)
SgeoShould I leave it as default?
sorearbut since you asked, it's the predecessor to cabal
lambdabotMaybe you meant: more todo vote
Sgeo-- | Path to the top of $fptools, used by @code
soreardon't touch the value of that name, it's unused
sjanssenit used to be the CVS repository that GHC and bundled libs were stored in
sorearalso the name of the extremely crufty build system (predecessor to cabal), which ghc is the only remaining user of
sjanssenit's pretty much on the way out, anyway
sorearthere is a very obscure bug in ghc that prevents ghc --make from working on the ghc sources; cabal uses ghc --make
once that bug is fixed, ghc will be cabalized, and the name fptools will never again be uttered in polite company
sjanssenat least libs are built by Cabal now
but ghc proper is built with the dying embers of fptools
SgeoSetup.hs: cannot satisfy dependency arrows-any

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