#haskell - Mon 9 Apr 2007 between 00:12 and 00:28

balodjadons: could you help me with installing lambdabot? there is a problem in some plugins. for example, eval.
lambdabot> run 1+1
Plugin `eval' failed with: IRCRaised Data.ByteString.last: empty ByteString
sorearyou need to copy runplugs into .
it should be in dist/build/runplugs/runplugs
stepcutbalodja: eval uses an external program -- make sure lambdabot can find runplugs
sorearditto for djinn, unlambda, hoogle, one or two others
donssorear: no. you just use the ./build script.
balodja: are you using ./build? do you have a recent Text.Regex installation?
and plugins from darcs.
balodjahm, i'm not using build. trying
nice ./Setup.hs configure --bindir=`pwd` --libdir=`pwd`/lib
unfortunatly, that's not suitable :( i need --prefix
you're not supposed to install lambdabot outside its home dir.
it _must be installed into `pwd`
balodjasounds earnestly
so, after installing trough ./build the problem remains
donsdoes the 'runplugs' binary exist in the lambdabot directory?
does it work, e.g. echo '1+2' | ./runplugs ?
balodja% echo '1+2' | ./runplugs
runplugs: Ix{Int}.index: Index (1024) out of range ((0,29))
donswhich version of hs-plugins are you using/
the darcs version?
dcouttsdons: hmm, I think that actually there's a lot to do to really get a superb paper on binary, I wonder if we shouldn't start on that sooner
sorearthat sounds like a symptom of hs-plugins' incompatibility with 64-bit computers and/or mismatched hs-plugins/ghc versions
or has the incompatibility been fixed?
donsdcoutts: yes. you looking at 'bits between the lambda'?
dcouttsdons: yep, and getting advice from kosmikus
donsah yes? what are his recommendations?
dcoutts-> #maya
sorearI'd just like to say I stopped writing the ultra-high-speed ppr lib when I realized nobody would actually ever use it. If I was wrong tell me :)
kosmikushi dons
donshey kosmikus
balodjadons: hs-plugins is just from up-to-date repository
donsyeah, we're planning the HW assault for this year :-)
balodjaand % darcs --version
1.0.9rc1 (release candidate 1)
donshmm. no. what is the most recent patch in the hs-plugins repo, balodja ?
balodjathat's good question for me. i don't actually know :) because i only do 'darcs get http://...' and configure/build/install

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