#haskell - Sun 29 Apr 2007 between 02:39 and 02:49

Weedymore like "svn failed to check out sources" "autoreconf failed" etc
donsah ok
Weedyits not my script im worried about
its all the ways the ext programs can fail
untyped, nasty shell programming with arbitrary argument and return conventions
doesn't make for robust programming
Weedyvery yes
hate bash
donsthe linspire guys wrap their unix package tools in haskell bindings, hiding all the different caling conventions under a uniform, typed haskell api
then they write haskell glue code instead of shell
meaning uniform , type checked script glue. its a great approach i think
if i had to write a lot of shell code, i'd probably take that approach instead
Weedyi had this done in 200 lines
donsjcreigh: what do we do with XFetchName?
Weedyi think im over 500 now
dons200 lines is about 150 lines beyond where I'd stop and write it in a proper language :-)
jcreighdons: Nothing, I just thought it would be a fun function to bind. :) (no, really, I have some window-picker code that uses dmenu to jump to an arbitrary window)
donsdoes it work yet?
jcreighdons: but I'm not happy with it yet (mainly because of dmenu) so I haven't released it.
actiondons looks around for a nice shell program to rewrite as an ExitStatus monad
donslooks around for a nice shell program to rewrite as an ExitStatus monad
jcreighlong window names make it so that only a couple windows are visible in the menu because dmenu reserves at least enough space to type as the longest option.
really, a window picker should be something like dmenu, but multi-line.
donsah so you need to filter
jcreigh: hmm. like dzen then?
jcreighdons: possibly. It didn't look like there was any way to get dzen to act that way. (select an option, then echo selection, like dmenu)
donsjcreigh: does "avoid grabbing all keys when a keysym is undefined" fix a bug?
(if so, can you describe what bug it fixes, when naming the pathch)
hmm. i should set up a Trac instance for us.
jcreighdons: the bug gimboland was talking about.
donsright. can you mentoin that in the patch next time?
jcreighwho reported it?
foxy-om@dcoutts: ping -- any word on the file path separator issue in c2hs ?
lambdabotUnknown command, try @list
dons"Fixes bug [#12|reported by gimboland]"
depending on whether its a trac bug, or just hearsay :-)
foxy-omdcoutts: ping -- any word on the file path separator issue in c2hs ?
jcreighdons: okay
donsjcreigh: more just name the bug, so we can cross it off our mental list of bugs.
but yes, we need trac.

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