#haskell - Mon 2 Apr 2007 between 00:36 and 00:39

Pseudonymstepcut: I'm all ears.
crazyrkexec ghc.exe -o hello hello.hs
with hello.hs in the same dir of ghci ?
PseudonymYou don't need the exec.
crazyrkwell k
dibblegocrazyrk, no, the command prompt, just type ghc ...
Pseudonymcrazyrk: ghc.exe should be somewhere on your $PATH.
As should ghci.
PseudonymErr... yeah.
PseudonymPATH, anyway.
crazyrkok let me try
PseudonymYou can check by typing "env" at the command prompt.
Look for the PATH line.
dibblegoalso, echo %PATH%
stepcutPseudonym: well, it all started when I tried to figure out what I should name this function:
someFunction :: (Functor f, Functor g) => (f a -> f b) -> (g a -> g b)
i did it
Pseudonymstepcut: superNaturalTransformation
crazyrkbut it didnt create a .exe
like hello.exe, as its saying on the website
dibblegowhat did it do?
stepcutPseudonym: would that be similar to a Natural Transformation from category theory ?
Pseudonym?free someFunction :: (F a -> F b) -> (G a -> G b)
lambdabot$map_F g . h = k . $map_F f => $map_G g . someFunction h = someFunction k . $map_G f
sorearghc.exe -o hello.exe hello.hs maybe?
crazyrkit says something like: Compiling main
a sec
let me try
dibblegosorear, try what sorear said
sorearshould create .o and .hi files
dibblego: why?
Pseudonymstepcut: It's actually a mapping between natural transformations.
A natural transformation is a mapping between functors.

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