#haskell - Mon 16 Apr 2007 between 01:02 and 01:15

donswhich avoids the complete quit out of X bug, I think.
sjanssen: if you'd like to test it
dmwitshachaf: I do, but stand by.
shachaf: I just discovered that xchat hides the cursor on keypress anyway, so my "test" may be broken. =P
shachaf: You're right, it does not hide the cursor, nor print any message.
shachafdmwit: Hmm, it looks like some other GTK apps do it (gedit, though not Firefox).
dmwit: I guess Firefox and xterm would be the two big ones.
dmwit: "-idle 1" is probably good enough.
dmwitshachaf: Okay, sorry it doesn't work for you.
actiondmwit goes to work
dmwitgoes to work
sjanssendons: seems to work
donsok good. one less failure point.
now just have to track down the kill window issue
igliddarius: ty for pointer, i have it installed, i just haven't got round to it. maybe this room'll make me change that tho ;)
dcoutts13595 rules fired!
1738 foldr/build
ddariusigli: Dead seriously: The community of Haskell is almost reason enough to use it.
lambdabotBarbie says, Take quaaludes in gin and go to a disco right away!
But Ken says, WOO-WOO!! No credit at "Mr. Liquor"!!
donsdcoutts: woo!
dcoutts: what's that in?
that's not ghc is it?
actiondons suspects it is..
donssuspects it is..
PseudonymUse Haskell, because you'll get to hang around with ME! And I'm COOL!
donsthat's true.
dcouttsdons: but I've no idea where that comes from, it's in binary.
ddariusDamn straight!
donsdcoutts: huh..
igliddarius: very good to know, thanks. i bought a book called "The Fun of Programming" a few years ago; can i ask noob q's on the code?
dcouttsdons: Benchmark.hs, but I don't see any lists anywhere...
ddariusOf course.
dons*binary* has 13k stream rules? hmm. ah, lists? cons?
ddariusAlternatively, The community of Lisp as almost reason enough to use Haskell.
soreardons: cons doesn't fuse
donshmm, is the list of functions unwrapped and applied to the generated list?
igliok thanks man; bear in mind i know ML, but it's been years.. i'll get the book, it had *lush* stuff in it
dcouttsdons: 2000 unpacks, 1700 unapck-append, 1200 unpack-list

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