#haskell - Thu 12 Apr 2007 between 01:44 and 01:51

sorearit is in the ICCCM, I know that much for sure
dmeadyea i was reading that too
sorear(which is a 0-charge pdf btw)
dmeadand the xorg additions
donssorear: looks like he's not a ugrad, go for it. (re. mailing list guy)
sorear: " No. Not at all (I'm a grad student :-)). I generally work
with matrices and vectors and the like in matlab, and find
this function very useful in my work. But, for some reason,
I wanted to try a FP language and guage it's usability for
me. I just chose this problem as a rough test to compare
with matlab (the implementation is matlab is a bit messy)"
soreardons: ok.
allbery_bsomeone should point him to oleg's message from earlier today
dmeaddons: i've been poking around here
lambdabotTitle: Index of /tags/KDE/3.5.6/kdebase/kwin
dmeadbut allbery_b seems to have a better understanding of the lower level calls
timthelionhey, I really can't figure out what is wrong with my code http://rafb.net/p/5x1B5X36.html
lambdabotTitle: Nopaste - I really don't see why this does not work.
dmeadtim: use hpaste
lambdabotHaskell pastebin: http://hpaste.org/new
timtheliondo you want me to move that to hpaste, or just in the future?
dmeadin the future
is a lists of lists
(x:xs) is a list
timthelionso I want to take the argument (x:xs) not [x:xs]
dmeadbe sure to not forget the parens because : has a very high precedence
and your else branch is wrong it hink
Cale[x:xs] is specifically the one element list consisting of a nonempty list starting with x and with tail xs
actionallbery_b has, nd has read if not completely digested, the old O'Reilly X11 collection
allbery_bhas, nd has read if not completely digested, the old O'Reilly X11 collection
allbery_bmostly because, Back In The Day, I used DESQview/X a lot and it was easiest to write programs for it directly in XLib
dmeadsounds hardcore
timthelionCale I thought that's what I wanted.

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