#haskell - Tue 10 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:07

monochromI love the editor.
jcreighI'm thinking screen <-> workspace mapping.
I don't know of anywhere else offhand.
monochromCan I download it somewhere? Is it written in Haskell?
donsjcreigh: hmm, so I'd like to combine the StackSet and workspace data
so we have a single type we can check modelling the entire workspace/screen/stack
so, OneToOne is the top level?
yielding a StackSet for each screen?
fuzanOperations.hs:120:26: Not in scope: `waBorderWidth'
xmonad build
jcreightenatively, I'm thinking having, viewports :: OneToOne ScreenNumber WorkspaceNumber in StackSet
donsfuzan: update X11-extras
jcreighthat wouldn't really be a major change from what we have now, expect nicer lookups and being in StackSet instead of XMonad.
donsjcreigh: hmm, maybe send a draft api to me and sjanssen ?
yes, minimal changes to merge the xinerama changes into stackset seem good.
we want to release around the 13th.
donsyeah. i guess.
fuzani'm giving somewhat of an introductory talk on haskell tomorrow. anyone have any previous experience in doing such?
jcreigh@seen dmwit
lambdabotdmwit is in #haskell and #haskell-blah. I last heard dmwit speak 1h 35m 18s ago.
dmwitI'm here.
jcreighdmwit: how do you feel about Xinerama in xmonad?
dmwitI was wondering early today: is xmonad still in feature freeze?
It's nice.
sjanssendmwit: yes
until 0.1 is out
jcreighdmwit: are you still thinking disjoint workspaces would be better?
sjanssenthinking about the relationships between entities in StackSet reminds me of SQL
dmwitjcreigh: I think it's unnecessary.
I've gotten use to the current setup, and it isn't so bad.
jcreighokay, then we'll keep the current system for now.
donswow, i got an email just now from a guy on openbsd building ghc purely to try out xmonad
jcreighThe nice thing about having one StackSet is that it already has the invariant that a window can only be in one stack. If you have multiple stack sets running around, you lose that.
sjanssenjcreigh: yeah, there should be one StackSet
jcreighThere can only one!
*be only one
sjanssenwe may need to just handle invariants like one-to-one by hand
donsbtw, i'm waiting on simon mar for details on the xmonad mailing list.

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